Sunday, 13 November 2011


Had a lazy day today ... think I'm starting a cold as I have a sore throat and general 'thick head'  so haven't attempted anything strenuous like mowing wet grass or sweeping up fallen leaves - both jobs are overdue but will keep!

The black lab portrait has been packed up ready for despatch tomorrow.

The Lapphund portrait mounted and framed ... I'll be hand delivering this one - meeting the client mid way between his place and mine - he's in Sussex - I'm in Kent, approx 90 miles apart.

apologies for the poor photography but the light was fading - I just wanted to give a feel for the 'finished' portrait.

Here's the first 'work in progress' picture of a portrait I hadn't expected to start till after Christmas .. but things have changed and I've brought this one forward a bit ....

Pastels on light grey Clairefontaine Pastelmat:

the light grey pastelmat paper is very light grey and not as blue as it appears here .... when the portrait is more advanced I'll try scanning it to show the colours more accurately.   This is really just to prove I'm not wallowing in self-pity with 'man-flu'   ......   :-)


Katherine Thomas said...

These are both so amazing! Wow! I hope you feel better soon, too!

sue said...

Thank you Katherine .... sore throat persisting but it hasn't turned into anything nasty ... so fingers crossed its just a 24 hour thinggy!

Jan/ said...

I'm hoping this will go thru now. Nice job on both the Lapphund and the pastel portrait, Sue!

I hope your cold is better now. Oh, btw, the color of the pastelmat looks right on my monitor. This is going to be a great portrait!

sue said...

Thanks Jan - as you can see your post got through :-)

I feel much better ... stayed as a sore throat without developing into anything more and almost gone today thank goodness