Thursday, 10 November 2011


Well I'm not sure this looks much different to the previous update but I've worked more on her jumper which in the ref photo is bright white .. but I quite like the effect of the paper showing through.   I've added freckles and more skintones and adjusted the colours in her hair.   In the ref photo her fringe (bangs) really are much redder than the rest of her hair so I've tried to compromise a bit.   I have one other ref photo taken when she was a few years younger and her hair is more blonde than red.   Again, much will depend on the client's wishes.

I had intended to call it a day here and email my client for approval/critique  .... but David just looked at the picture on screen and said it looks as though she has white claw marks down her cheek!   So I'll be making some adjustments tomorrow when the light is better - smoothing out those lines although I think the camera has picked up on the highlights and exaggerated them - I'm sure they aren't that pronounced in real life.

Happy Days!


Miniature Art by Karen Hull said...

Shona is looking stunning Sue - you have done such a wonderful job on her gorgeous hair and sweet freckles. You certainly are a master with those pastels!!! :)

sue said...

Thank you for your lovely comments Karen. Much appreciated.

This is my first human subject in pastel so now I've 'broken the ice' I'll try a few more - much faster than cps!

Jan/ said...

Sue, you're a natural with the pastel portraits!

Chrissy said...

It is superb...:) A little minor adjustment. I am smiling at that one because my OH is great at spotting those too and I am really grateful, I can miss the obvious. I like the paper showing through on the jumper, it gives it great texture. Her hair and skin tones are have inspired me to have a go at pastels on this paper which I haven't tried yet.

Kyla Marie Hynes said...

This is lovely, your work is beautiful!