Friday, 4 November 2011

04/11: THE BEST LAID PLANS ......

The Best Laid plans of Mice and Men often go awry  - or if you are Scottish and a purist I believe the actual words are 'The best laid schemes o' Mice an' Men, Gang aft agley'    and I make no apologies for quoting Robbie Burns way ahead of the usual anniversary date 25 January ... it just seemed more appropriate now  ....

David was out all day so my goal was to work on (possibly finish) the black labrador pastel portrait.  But I've had parcel deliveries, phone calls, emails and visitors - no end of distractions.     Here's an update on the lab who is many hours away from completion yet:

Despite what I said in earlier posts, this has been photographed (not scanned) and it has picked up far too many blue tones .. I won't adjust anything yet as I hope to have more progress pics on Sunday.  But at least I did make a little progress.

Now for the excuses ..... 2 lengthy phone calls from commission clients - difficulties with getting good photos etc

Courier delivery:     Following my recent post about mini photo prints from Photobox (thanks to Peter Williams - Mighty Fine Art)  -  I received the mount packs (mounts/backing card/cellophane bags) today from Kadinsky Art and I'm very impressed with their service.   Ordered online yesterday (with a phone call from them to clarify part of my order) and delivered today - beautifully packaged, extremely good value and top class service.  I've been 'playing' this evening with displaying some of the mini prints in the mount packs and they work beautifully.  

A huge thank you to Tim and Louise Fisher for my 'prize' pack of Fisher 400 paper - so beautifully packaged it took me 20 minutes to get to the 'goodies'

Phone call from the Vet ... we've overlooked payment for Roxy's last treatment (flu & tet jab.  The invoice arrived when we were on holiday.      David's excuse is that he wants them to repossess Roxy following non-payment of bill  (he is not flavour of the month now)!!

and finally a blast from the past ...... an email from JILL who we met more than 8 years ago at a remote resort in Greece (with her 'then' man).  She has just returned from  her 9th visit where she met a couple who suggested she holidayed in Fuerteventura next time.   

 Jill has just booked a holiday on Fuerteventura in January 2012 and remembered we had bought a house there.    David and I will be there for a few weeks from 1 January so I then spent a few hours exchanging emails working out distances between her apartment complex and our place .... and setting the scene to avoid girlie embarrassment about inevitable appearance changes in the last 8 or 9 years (thankfully we've both admitted to putting on a stone or two)!! 

As we were:

hmmmm!! I still have that dress in my wardrobe ... and can just about fit into it. Need new clothes!!! note to David :-)


Jan/ said...

You know it will all come together and you'll get it all finished on time! He's looking good even with all the extra blue.

How fun to meet and "old" friend after all this time! I'm sure you'll have a lot of fun catching up & who cares about the extra weight!

David, David, shame on you! Did you neglect that vet bill on purpose? Roxy may not be a sacred cow but you know she's a sacred horse!

Doreen Cross said...

Looking great there. I wonder if Fuerteventura could do that for me. LOL.

Doreen Cross said...

Love the Black Lab. Looking forward to seeing it finished. :)