Monday, 31 October 2011


This post has nothing to do with Halloween ... its just that I've been home for nearly a week so thought I ought to say Hello

After 3 weeks of shade temperature 30deg it took a few days to acclimatise when we got back to Whitstable - the weather here is very mild for the time of year and we even picked a strawberry and a couple of pounds of cherry tomatoes from the garden in the week - no frosts yet to kill the plants (and that really is tempting fate I think)!

We went to France on Thursday to stock up on essential supplies - wine and crevettes mostly.   Living as we do on the North Kent coast it is a very easy journey for us and we can easily cross the Channel by Ferry, spend 5 or 6  hours in France and return the same day - very civilised :-)

I will post some artwork in a couple of days ... I've slowly been working on the 3 dog portraits I started before our holiday and it will be nice to have them finished and approved by the weekend as I need to move on to some human commissions fairly quickly now that my motivation has returned.

So that's it from me tonight ... a really boring post but at least I've made a start


Jan/ said...

So glad you're home, Sue!

Chrissy said...

Glad you had a safe journey and look forward to seeing the art. Although if you are anything like me, a lot of mine is for Christmas so I shall have to keep it back for a while! At least it is still quite mild to adjust to from that 30 degrees :)