Tuesday, 11 October 2011


I do so love the scenery here :-)

Temperatures are unseasonally high and averaging 32deg in the shade  .... walking back from town today along the beach path which is normally very cool and breezy I enjoyed watching these 3 frolicking in the sea

 The older of the two dogs went in for a 'proper' swim with her master, but the youngster couldn't be persuaded and paced worriedly up and down in the shallow water till they returned to shore ... I doubt it will be long before she joins in though :-)

and the really great news is that I won a caption contest on Tim Fisher's website - actually it was Tim's dog's Blog site.   As followers of my Blog will know, I'm a huge fan of Fisher 400 sanded paper and many of my pastel commissions are completed on this paper which works equally well with coloured pencils or watercolour wash backgrounds.    Tim's dog Purdey has her own Blog and keeps us up to date with what Tim and Purdey's arch enemy (Rosie the cat) are up to.    Each month Purdey publishes a picture of herself in a strange situation and invites captions.

I emailed a caption just for fun and was amazed to get an email yesterday saying I'd won the October competition and could choose one of the many DVDs available on Tim's site or 5 half sheets of Fisher 400.  I was sorely tempted by his video showing watercolour pencil techniques, but practicality won the day.  I'm using Fisher 400 for a lot of my Xmas commissions so that will be of most use in the short term and I can add the instruction videos to my 'wish list' for the future.

Here's a link to Tim Fisher's site                        http://www.timfisherartist.co.uk/


Jennifer Rose said...

yeah nice scenery :

Jan/PetsToPosies.com said...

VERY nice scenery! Congrats on winning the caption contest! Know the paper will be more useful for you but I would have loved the dvd more myself!

Chrissy said...

Great scenery and looks like lots of fun :) Grey skies for us today so thinking of being in the sea is a little strange. Nice that you won the paper, I have used it for a few things, it is quite amazing stuff!