Thursday, 20 October 2011


The sunshine has deserted us although it remains hot and sticky so yesterday we went for a long walk around Corralejo, just meandering around the old town and stopping off for a leisurely lunch, glass of wine and a spot of people watching.   I took my camera with me hoping to get some photos of the 'older characters' who normally sit around playing cards or talking about the 'good old days' ... but they were too elusive.

Here are some of the pics I took along our route

Fuerteventura is known as a 'windy' island and is therefore popular with surfers and the annual Int'l surfing championships are held at the South end of the island (which is mainly frequented by Germans).  We are on the North of the island (famous for its huge stretch of sand dunes-around 7kms I believe).   We do have a couple of stretches of coastline where the surf is usually good enough to satisfy the 'surf bums'.


but as usual its the wildlife I'm more interested in.   These little sandpipers are very well camouflaged on the rocky stretches of beach but I love hearing their distinctive call in the early evenings

and this Little Egret made me get my feet wet .... he didn't take kindly to being a photographic model

whereas, this guy had no intention of running away .... far too hot for that!!

You may notice that the cat has the top of his left (our right) ear missing.  That shows he has been 'rounded up' and neutered.  Our friend Lynn is dedicated to helping the stray cats in and around Corralejo .. she works tirelessly to rehome them and care for sick ones etc.   At any one time she has 20+ cats at her home in various stages of recovery and she has several part time jobs to pay for their upkeep.  Thanks to Lynn (Cat Woman) there isn't a real problem with feral cats here as there is on many tourist islands.


Jan/ said...

Great pics, Sue, even if the weather was less than perfect. I'm with you and my favorites are the shore birds, egrets especially.
Give your friend a big hug from me - you know animal rescue is near and dear to my heart.

sue said...

I will Jan, Catwoman (Lynn) was supposed to visit us this afternoon but got sidetracked. I hope we'll see her tonight.

David organises her website and the annual charity calendars which are sold throughout the community to help raise funds, and we always drop off a couple of sacks of dried cat food each time we're out here.

Jennifer Rose said...

i wish there was a program for cats like that around here. there are way too many feral cats that run around that can breed. of course a lot of the time the cats are not feral but people don't fix their cats :/ and then let them out

sue said...

Its the same thing here Jennifer. Lots of the cats/dogs belonged to ex-pats who couldn't make a go of it out here and just abandoned their animals when they left the island.

The local dog rescue centre has had to put lots of dogs to sleep recently as they just couldn't cope with the numbers. Its so wicked.

Some people just shouldn't have animals (or kids come to that) :-)

Jennifer Rose said...

lol no some people really shouldn't have kids, but its usually the people that shouldnt, that do :p