Wednesday, 19 October 2011


Chrissy kindly identified the bug I posted last week as a Scarlet Darter.   Hopefully she will also be able to identify this little chap.   He also visited our pool for a drink.    About an inch long and very thin I wouldn't have spotted him except for the beautiful iridescent blue band decorating his body/tail

His blue band made me think more about the coloured bands worn on the wrists of many of the tourists in Town (mostly those staying 'All Inclusive').

When did this become acceptable to holidaymakers??  Surely its just one step away from having a barcode stamped on their foreheads.   From the hotels' perspective it must make life easier as they can identify which tourists 'belong' to them, but REALLY!!  I think something must have been added to their Welcome Drinks to make holidaymakers believe they need to spend a fortnight sporting a lurid blue/orange/pink plastic band round their wrist (although once removed, they'll have a nice non-tanned white bit to show off)!!

Sorry, off my soapbox now - I just feel sorry for those visitors who spend all their holiday eating/drinking lukewarm buffet style food at their hotel (cos its paid for up front) and don't get out to sample the 'real' delights of the Spanish bars/restaurants who are suffering  from reduced trade as a result of the All Inclusive trend.


Jan/ said...

Another pretty bug, Sue.

It took me a minute to understand what you meant by "all inclusive" but then the penny dropped! I understand what you're saying - it's a shame for both the tourists and the natives since tourists don't get to sample the real Fuerteventura and the natives lose business the tourists would give them otherwise. Unfortunately, just off the top of my head, I probably would sign up for "all inclusive" myself since I am so picky about what I eat and not at all adventuresome about food. I'd hate to have to go search out a good restaurant and would normally stick with the "tried and true". However, you've struck a chord with me and if I ever do decide to travel, I'll remember this post!

Chrissy said...

Yeah, I am with you on the bands. I only had one once which was in Mexico and eating out was not so easy...but, those damned things are quite uncomfortable and if you take it off ~ no food! I think your lovely little damsel is a blue tailed damselfly. But, don't quote me, sometimes the difference between the species can be a couple of dots!

sue said...

Hi Jan
I understand that All Inclusive can be attractive, particularly to families, as everything is paid for in advance. However, after a couple of years of the major Tour Operators promoting 'A I' packages, we've heard horror stories about people suffering food poisoning etc. I think the hotels have started to cut corners as they have a 'captive audience'

Anyway, we're biased as we love to get out and meet locals. The Spanish here are so hospitable .. I hate to see their businesses suffer, particularly when many have been here 20 years or more.

sue said...

Weather 'iffy' here today - overcast and sticky but no sunshine. So I had time this afternoon to do some research on the internet.

I think this bug is a Sahara Bluetail damselfly (but I'll wait for Chrissy to correct me if I've wrongly identified it) :-)

sue said...

oops ... crossed messages - thanks Chrissy, your post was obviously in cyberspace as I was typing mine. We're agreed on bluetail damselfly I think :-)

Kendra said...

The bluetail damselfly would make an interesting colored pencil piece, don't you think? In the back of my mind I have been thinking of doing a series of BUGS!

The all-inclusive wrist bands must make people feel like they're part of a "herd". We've gone the all-inclusive route in the past traveling to the Caribbean with our kids. It can be a good option in some situations but now we like to travel on our own, do some research, talk to the the people and discover the local flavor which is so much better!