Friday, 26 August 2011


Not sure what's happening really, but commissions, exhibitions, workshops and family all seem to be conspiring at the moment and things are fairly frantic (in the nicest possible way)

Today was Day 1 of Mike Sibley's workshop in Kent and I've had a great day.  Although I've had Mike's book 'Drawing from Line to Life' for ages, its so much more rewarding to have the author on hand to explain some of the processes and talk through the various exercises.  

We started at 10am this morning and I couldn't believe it when Mike said he'd gone over-time and we stopped around 5.15pm - time just flew.   We have a great group of attendees and I hope to get to know them all better over the next couple of days - time permitting!  

Two new commissions confirmed by email tonight so I'm now almost fully booked up for Christmas - but I always leave a couple of gaps to ensure I can honour Gift Voucher redemptions.

The Society of Feline Artists (SOFA) exhibition opened today at Llewellyn Alexander Gallery at Waterloo (opposite the Old Vic Theatre, London) and I'd love to attend the Private View next Tuesday (Patron is TV Vet, David Grant) but will have to see how everything pans out ... just not enough hours in every day at the moment.     I have 3 pictures on exhibition there so it would be lovely to find time to visit and perhaps take a few photos of the exhibits - always a stunning variety of cat portraits/paintings on display.


  1. Just sit back and enjoy it! It doesn't often happen that things all go in one's favor!

    Glad you're enjoying the workshop and we look forward to seeing what you're learning!

  2. Your portraits are so beautiful and full of emotions!! I love them all.
    Enjoy the workshop!

  3. So pleased you are enjoying Mike's workshop, give him my regards please.

  4. Too true Jan ... but life's moving faster than I can at the moment :-)

    Thanks so much Akiko I'm very flattered.

    I'm really enjoying the workshop - could easily extend it for another 3 days there is so much to learn/talk about.
    Jenni and Paul say Hi Pauline - Jenni remembers the badgers fondly!

  5. i keep meaning to get this book, keep hearing great things about it and mike :)

  6. Its well worth buying J.
    But it is so detailed you need to take it slowly and then just refer back to the relevant bits when required.
    But it was fantastic to have Mike on hand to talk us through all the stages (particularly negative drawing which he does so well).
    Its given me a lot more confidence to tackle backgrounds (well, in graphite initially and hopefully colour later).

  7. Enjoy the workshop it sounds like fun and informative! post some pictures! Good luck.


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