Thursday, 11 August 2011


The GOOD news
 is that one wild cat and two domestic cat pictures were accepted into the SOFA (Society of Feline Artists) exhibition which runs from 26 August to 16 September at Waterloo (Opposite the Old Vic Theatre).

These are pictures all framed and ready to go ... unfortunately I'm hopeless at taking photos of glazed pictures - I either catch my own reflection or have so much light bouncing off the glass that the pictures look 'faded' but these will give an idea of what the framed pieces look like

My snow leopard

Peeping Tom

Page (Based on a photo of fellow artist Daisyree's Norwegian Forest Cat).   I did submit this picture to the Gallery last year but they were not happy with the mount/frame I used so I've changed to a simpler style this time.

Pictures of all the cat paintings/drawings are shown on Llewellyn Alexander's website in descending order of price.   Mine are on pages 2 and 3.  There are some fabulous pictures on display and I'm very flattered to have had mine included.

check out the pictures here SOFA Exhibition Pictures 

Stupidly, I misread the date by which pictures had to be physically taken to the Gallery and I missed the deadline ... but the Gallery Director has very kindly allowed me to hand deliver them tomorrow and I got let off with a very light slap on the wrist :o)

The BAD news
is that this morning David spotted what he thought was a baby hedgehog on our neighbour's lawn.     I went to check it out and was horrified to find it was in fact just part of a full-grown hedgehog.      For the first time since moving to this house we saw a fox in our garden on Monday evening - it was trying to get to the dish of food left out for the hedgehogs but couldn't negotiate the small 'door' into the clear plastic box we use to protect the dish from cats (and foxes).    I suspect this was a fox kill.  The decline in hedgehog numbers has been partly attributed to increasing numbers of urban foxes who have developed a sneaky way of attacking hedgehogs without getting a muzzle full of sharp spines. 

My neighbour was also upset - she's a lovely old lady in her 80s and was delighted when she saw her first hedgehog in her garden a few weeks ago.   I really hope this is an isolated instance as I've got very attached to our nocturnal visitors and love watching them in the garden every evening.   RIP Spike :o(

and the UGLY news
as the whole world must be aware is the disgusting behaviour of the feral yobs who've brought such shame on themselves and our country.  In their designer 'gang' outfits and using their expensive Blackberry/mobile phones to orchestrate the senseless looting and destruction they can hardly convince the World they're doing it because they are poverty-stricken and disadvantaged!

The riots didn't come close to my home, but we visited relatives in Bexleyheath on Tuesday.  I needed to buy a picture frame from Hobbycraft en route so we detoured via Crayford in Kent.  A large group of youths was gathering outside the railway station having disembarked from a London train.  They were all hooded or wearing scarves to hide their faces and most of them were smoking (how can they afford that)??   Hobbycraft, along with most of the neighbouring stores had been advised by the police to close early but they allowed me in for 5 minutes to grab a frame and glass, pay and get out.    We didn't hang around - the youths were very intimidating because of the numbers but they were being met by our lovely policemen who I guess managed to disperse them/send them back where they came from.  


Jan/ said...

I'm thrilled about your Exhibition and can see that there are some wonderful entries this year. Yours are right there at the top as far as quality and appeal are concerned! You're gonna do great with them!

Bummer about the hedgehog and foxes. I can imagine how attached you might get to them. Hope the foxes find something else to eat and will leave the hedgehogs alone! Did you ever see the sick hedgehog again? The one you photographed before you went on holiday? Just wondered what happened to it.

sue said...

Thanks so much Jan :o)

I contacted the Hedgehog rescue centre twice more since we got back from holiday and they didn't respond. I'm really p**d about that as they have a great website.

We've seen the sick hedgehog twice recently and I've been leaving food/water in the area he/she frequents.

But I have a sick feeling we may not see him/her again - time will tell.

hmuxo said...

I'm so happy about your exhibition. I went on SOFA Exhibition to check out the paintings...they were definitely beautiful..However, your Snow Leopard is one of the BEST. It is incredibly beautiful!! Flawless!

I feel so bad for the hedgehog..hopefully in time, you'll see him again.

sue said...

Thanks so much hmuxo.

Pauline said...

Good luck for the exhibitions Sue and sorry to hear about Spike, how sad.

Jennifer Rose said...

congrats on getting all of those into the exhibition!!

as sad as it is seeing the hedgehog dead, i'd rather a fox get lunch than someone's cat :/

i was actually surprised that no one around here started anything :/ yeah i cry fowl when they complain about being pour when they can have a mobile, wear trackies (the ones they were around here are not cheap), and smoke and drink all the time. having a drink every once and awhile is ok, but not every night like a lot of them do :/ and yes it is lumping a bunch of people together based on looks, but they all act the same :/ ugh, have to stop our i will just get mad lol

Chrissy said...

A wonderful set of work. Glad that you got them all in, well done to you :) As for the rest...wel; as you know I am taking a break. All of it upset me so much that I veiwed it by far too much instead of getting on with things! I hope your hedgehogs are still with you and it proves to be a one of incident!

"JeanneG" said...

Love the cat pictures.