Monday, 8 August 2011


I'm working on a graphite portrait at the moment - its from a very small thumbnail size ref. photo and I wouldn't normally accept the commission - but there are no other photos available and under the special circumstances I've agreed to do what I can on a 'no obligation' basis.   My client is working overseas but visiting the UK briefly in a about 2 weeks time when he will drive to Kent to collect the portrait - assuming I can come up with the goods!

So ..... to fill a gap I thought I'd share a few little gems courtesy of my local authority 'Canterbury Council'.

Here's a sign they've very helpfully installed on the seafront at Tankerton - in case of emergency you'll now know exactly where you are and where to go for help ... or will you?

What's missing??    (How about the red arrow pointing to your location)????

and what about this helpful sign.    To ease congestion, Canterbury Council operates a park & ride system where visitors can leave their cars at designated parks and take buses into the city centre.    One such park is adjacent to a supermarket we often use ... and it annoys me every time I see this sign.

Whatever next, another huge (expensive) sign stating that car park may be empty during quiet times???

But 'fair do's' ...... When the council announced a year or so ago that they would cut back on grass cutting in municipal areas to save paying huge fees to contractors I hated the appearance of our untidy roadside verges etc ..... but this year some bright spark has planted wildflower seeds and the roadsides/roundabouts are transformed .... here's one area I photographed en-route to Dover last Thursday (another Booze Cruise to Dunkirk)!!  If you look carefully you can see a discarded Fast Food wrapper but generally the verges are an absolute picture just now .... so KUDOS to Canterbury Council!!


  1. All the best with your commission Sue - these can be the most challenging to do, but I'm sure you'll do a fabulous job!!! Hope you're well away from all the rioting wherever you are!!! :)

  2. Thanks Karen - fingers crossed its off to a good start I think :o)

    The rioting isn't close to us ... but it seems to be orchestrated via mobile contact/tweeting/(anti)social networks etc., so there's no telling where these dreadful events will spread. Its totally imcomprehensible to most of us!

    I do have to take 3 cat pictures to London on Friday for hanging in a gallery - I'll be keeping an eye on what's happening in the area first though.

  3. So glad you're away from the madness, Sue! I'm sure you'll do an excellent job with your commission - did you try the Smilla Enlarger or find the instructions you had using PS?

    Do people who come up with these signs really think we're that stupid or is it just that they are?

  4. Beautiful flowers Sue and a delight today :D


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