Monday, 1 August 2011


As you may recall, my stepson Richard had a terrible motorcycle accident in April last year.  Thanks to the London Air Ambulance and specialist London hospital treatment he pulled through.  He spent 7 weeks in coma and 6 months in hospital and was finally allowed home at the end of September to complete the healing process.  He suffered permanent damage to his vision due to brain trauma so will never regain his driving licence but has otherwise made a brilliant recovery.  We will always be so grateful to the Air Ambulance and the dedicated hospital staff for their skills and dedication.

So it struck a chord with us when we heard on the BBC Kent news that another Richard has been in a coma since 1 July following a motorcycle incident.  Richard Plummer was working/living in Bali at the time and I understand he was found unconscious and his credit cards and money had been stolen so he may have been ambushed.  Tragically his travel insurance had expired so he has no medical insurance.  His elderly parents have so far used their life savings to help with medical expenses but the cost of flying him back to the UK by air ambulance will be in the region of £80,000.

A local benefactor has pledged the cash as a 3 month loan.  The loan has to be repaid with interest within 3 months.  Richard's parents are pensioners and will have to sell their house to repay the debt if they cannot raise the money by other means.   I watched the TV interview with his parents and it brought a huge lump to my throat - I know how stressful it was coping with our Richard's situation - we didn't have the additional worry of repatriating him or losing our home in the process.

Whatever the rights or wrongs about why he'd allowed his insurance to lapse I feel dreadfully sorry for his parents.  We've made a small donation via the Appeal Website - every little helps of course!

Today I started to follow the Blog of Daimon Walker (a kind of relative by marriage of Richard Plummer)  This weekend Daimon  has started on a journey to walk from Lands End to John O'Groats in the UK to help raise awareness and funds for Richard's appeal.   Its a new Blog and I'm follower No. 2.   Perhaps some of my Blogger friends would like to add themselves as followers so Daimon doesn't feel 'so alone' on this epic journey .... 1000 miles (phew) rather him than me   :o)

Richards' flight home started yesterday - the journey has to be made in stages with 5 stops I believe.    He was expected to land in the UK at 0200 hours this morning.   It appears he became unwell part way through the journey though so keeping everything crossed his family will be posting some better news on the site shortly.


  1. I'm sure you really empathize with Richard having gone through much the same thing with your Richard.

    You're wonderful to publicize the plight of this young man.

  2. Hi Jan
    I've been getting annoyed with people commenting on various sites about this guy's stupidity in not having insurance and therefore they aren't going to put their hands in their pockets etc.

    Well, I agree not to have insurance is foolish but we don't know the circumstances ...

    You know that classic line from Walt Disney's Bambi "if you can't say somthing nice, don't say nothing at all". I agree totally!!

    My sympathy is with his elderly parents who are risking everything they own to do their best for their son. It isn't their fault - they must be going through hell.

    Latest news is that he's safely back in the UK

  3. What a sad, sad story Sue and what a giving person you are too to get the word out there. I do hope Richard gets home to his parents somehow and thank you for the link to his Sister-in-law's brother's blog. I would rather donate to something like this than some of those charities that hound you where you wonder how much gets lost in admin costs.


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