Saturday, 20 November 2010


Today was a real 'eye-opener' for me
I worked in London for years and, as most commuters probably do,  took it all for granted

Today David and I travelled  from Ebbsfleet (Kent)  to St Pancras (High speed rail link) and took the Victoria line underground to Green Park.  It was bliss to escape London Underground and walk through the 'Royal Parks' Green Park and St James Park to Central Hall.

Whilst walking through the parks  don't think we heard one English voice ... which is great as it means tourism is obviously booming and these parks are very close to Buckingham Palace of course.

Anyway ..

Whilst  crossing the road to get to St James Park I photographed a Royal Rolls Royce!!    See the crest on the roof.   The most noticeable thing is that these Royal vehicles don't have registration plates (far too common)!!!

I was going to stretch the truth a little and say that this was the vehicle that was laid on for David and Myself during our daytrip to London!    but it wasn't!!

Shortly afterwards, I took a couple of photos of more iconic figures - our mounted police ladies and gents


I have the greatest admiration for the horses that work in central London, facing riot crowds, heavy traffic etc

and here are a few poor pics of the Central Hall Westminster where the UKCPS 2011 exhibition will be staged.   Its directly opposite Westminster Abbey so today my plans to photograph the place were totally thwarted because the surrounding area had been taken over by papparazzi and TV newsreporters who were camped out awaiting news of where the Royal Wedding will be staged next Spring/Summer ..... I believe Westminster Abbey is favourite with the 'Bookies'.  Nevertheless I did get a few photos - this is an amazing building and it will be a very prestigious venue for the 2011 Annual Exhibition of the UKCPS.


  1. Yes I bet London was bustling with excitement with the Royal Engagement and it won't slow down for awhile now will it? Those buildings are very beautiful indeed and what a place!

  2. While I wouldn't trade our slow, quiet, country life, I have to admit that London has some gorgeous buildings.

    I'm surprised you could get around at all as the Royal Engagement is making news around the globe and I'm sure London is wall to wall paparazzi!

  3. I've never been to London, so much history in one place

  4. Hi Sue, have missed lots of your blogs recently, but am back for a bit of an update, sounds like you have been keeping busy!
    I also like London but only for day visits!
    Bet you can't wait for the UKCPS exhibition at such a prestigeous venue, I will make a note in my diary for a day trip to the big smoke ;-)

  5. Stunning photos. wow brings back old memories. LOL.
    Too cold over there for me now.

    Love your Rolls. hehe.


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