Thursday, 4 November 2010


Its been a very busy week and I've fallen behind with my blog but lots has been going on behind the scenes.   I've taken on the role of PR/Advertising Director for the UK Coloured Pencil Society and as a 'newby' have spent a lot of time reading through historical posts on the Executive's forum to get up to speed.     2011 marks the 10th anniversary of the UK Society and there is a fantastic event planned for next September to mark the event.  I'll reveal more later ... but all you coloured artists need to get to work on pictures to submit for next year's Exhibition/s  .... Preliminary Announcements will be made in major art journals/forums over the next few weeks

I still can't show any commission pictures on my blog.  Two are at the framers, I should finish the current 3 person portrait over the weekend and then will start on a cute puppy which is also a Christmas commission but I will be able to show on my blog as the recipient doesn't have access to a computer.

One of my pictures was accepted for the 'Simply the Best' Competition and will be exhibited at the Art Materials Live event at  the NEC Birmingham over the next few days but unfortunately I just haven't got the time to visit the show this year (which will save me lots of pennies)

We had lunch with a friend today and met her new baby ... this is Carly a very boisterous chocolate lab puppy.  She is very exuberant and difficult to photograph but she will be allowed outside from Monday so hopefully will run off some of her excess energy.   After trying unsuccessfully to calm her down I shut myself in the kitchen with her, applied my best Cesar Milan (dog whisperer) technique and she accepted my leadership immediately and posed nicely!   Good old Cesar!

Isn't she cute?

A much better behaved baby is our very own Grand-daughter Sophie Louise who we met 'in person' on Tuesday when she had reached the grand old age of 2 days!

I took loads of photos but because her Mum and Dad haven't seen them all yet will hold fire on posting the best ones ... but I just loved this because there is a 92 year age gap between Great Granny (Doris) and Sophie .. amazing!

and this is Sophie Louise in Granddad (David's) safe arms ... I think she's just worked out he'll be a 'soft touch' in the future ... just flash those eyes at him and she'll get her own way :o)


Dors said...

Congratulation are in order here.
Cheers to the granparents of a beautiful baby girl. adorable photos.
also on being promoted to Adv Director for the UKCPS
Carly is gorgious and what expressions. I can see some drawings of a chocolate Lab coming soon.

I am so happy for all your excitement. Big Hugs.

hmuxo said...

Oh Susan, baby Sophie is absolutely beautiful in her granddad's arms..congratulations! And Carly!! she is so cute..she looks like she's in a trance..your Cesar Milan technique apparently worked!

Vic said...

Congrats on becoming the new Advertising Director of UKCPS, I am sure you will do a great the photos of both babies, so sweet.

Pauline said...

Congratulations on the entry at NEC, I didn't get to see it, so busy on the stand.
Great to have you on board the UKCPS Exec, you will do a grand job.
Lovely babies, just the cutest pair, don't they melt your heart! Baby Sophie looks so alert for a new born.

sam said...

Well done on your new role Sue and your exhibit. The pics look great, the lab looks so cute and congratulations on being a grandmother! She looks so curious with those eyes))

sue said...

Thank you all for your lovely comments ... don't know if I'm on my head or my heels at the moment - I'm also trying to prepare for a local event where I'll be exhibiting for a week at the Horsebridge Gallery in Whitstable.

Sophie is certainly alert and curious about everything. As most of my friends/family know ... I don't 'do' babies - but I think this one will be OK :o)

Teresa said...

Oh my! What an adorable baby Sophie is! Those eyes! Yes, Grandad is lost already!

Love that puppy too... the Dog Whisperer has competition it looks like :-)

Jan said...

Sue, I know you're not really into babies, but little Sophie is darling! Carly is also just precious and your dog training technique obviously works!

Congrats on the new position also!

Peter Williams said...

Love the puppy Sue. Looks very familiar. Glad to see you had a lot more luck photographing than I did with little Leon, lovely shots.

Chrissy said...

Gorgeous puppy dog Sue and fantastic photos.
I did see the exhibition at the NEC and looked at all the submissions but I didn't even think that I would know one of the artists so like a duh, I didn't check out any of the names.

Congrats on your new role in the UKCPS...I may even reconsider my decision not to rejoin ;)

& beautiful baby Sophie, such a cutie :)

I seem to spend my life running behind on commenting, blogging and housework, tis normal I think ;)

sue said...

I know just what you mean about falling behind Chrissy. I'm having computer problems with Live Mail bouncing my emails for no apparent reason - so time consuming trying to find out whether the recipients actually got my messages!

I'll be posting soon about what is happening with the UKCPS next year - 10th anniversary and all that!! I think you should rejoin and get some work ready to submit. Lots of lovely cash prizes to be won!