Friday, 12 November 2010


Meet Reggie!   A rescue JRT puppy.

This must be one of the fastest pictures I've produced in recent years.  Normally I like to take more time and even work on more than one picture at a time so I don't get 'blinkered' or bored with what I'm doing.  Once finished I like to let the portrait sit for a few days before I call it finished - I don't have that luxury with this picture.  Recent computer hiccups have put me a little behind schedule butI thought I had until Monday to complete this ... Unfortunately,  there's been a change of plan and its required tomorrow - so I outlined Reggie late last night and completed him today.

Luckily this is a fairly small portrait - to fit a 16" x 12" frame and he is soooo cute - he almost drew himself!

I've had to use flash photography this evening so the picture isn't wonderful but I might be able to get a better photo early tomorrow.  I try to update my website gallery periodically so its important to get the best photos I can (my scanner only takes A4 and most of my commissions are larger than that)

I didn't dare stop to keep taking WIP pictures so here's the initial outlining stage

and here's the end result (possibly)  -  tonight's photo :

I know Reggie's owner wants me to do another portrait when Reggie is a bit more 'grown-up' but I'm very happy to have been asked to draw him at this stage in his life.  He was rescued after being rejected because he has a short lower jaw (I think its called an underbite) but it doesn't detract from his cute face or personality does it?


Chrissy said...

What a gorgeous face he has....and I do think this is really lovely work. I smiled when you said he had almost drawn himself, I always think they are the ones that work especially well. This piece is just full of his personality :D Luff it! said...

he's a real cutie, beautiful portrait Sue x

sue said...

Thanks Chrissy and Geraldine

I wish all the commission subjects were as cute as Reggie.

Jennifer Rose said...

awww what a cutie :D and that is such lovely looking fur, just want to hug him :D
sky has an overbite too, i think it just makes her cuter lol

Jan said...

I'm so glad to finally get to see him painted! I was wondering when you'd do it. He turned out sooooo cute - you just want to grab him up and kiss him all over that cute little underbite!

sue said...

Thanks Jennifer ... so its an Overbite, not an Underbite then!

I knew it would be tight to fit him into the schedule Jan but I couldn't say no could I - he's so cute!! I would prefer to have had a bit more time but, there again, would probably only have faffed with it

Jennifer Rose said...

when the lower jaw is shorter than the top its called an overbite, and when the lower jaw is longer then that top its an underbite :)

sue said...

Thanks Jennifer - its definitely an overbite he's got - really only visible when you look at him in profile