Saturday, 13 November 2010


I photographed Reggie this morning in better light so this is pretty accurate re. colouring.   The portrait has been left in safe hands where it can be collected by Reggie's 'dad' on Monday - hope he likes it

En route to the stables to visit my horse this morning I stopped at a parade of shops to buy a couple of items at the little co-op store.  As I got out of my car I saw a horse cantering down the road towards me straight into oncoming traffic.

I managed to wave down the first car and forced all the traffic to stop and stood in front of the horse who slowed down and came towards me.  He was just a youngster - but around 16hh which is quite big and he was really sweated up and stressed.   Luckily he had a headcollar on and I was able to grab that and lead him off the road but he was so jumpy I struggled to hold onto him.

At that point it struck me that I didn't have a clue what to do.  I could barely hold onto him - I'd already yelled at a truck driver who was loading metal pallets very noisily onto his van which was spooking the horse more.  I shouted to a passer by to help me get my mobile phone from my handbag - thought I could call the girls at the nearby stable yard to drive down with a leadrope or something to give me more control... but the guy just shrugged and walked off.   All the passengers in the stopped cars just stared - nobody came to help.

Now I know that handling horses worries some people, but they could see I needed some help and not one person got out of their car - even to offer to phone the police!!   What a great society huh!

I was wearing sandals and worried about getting stamped on and I couldn't lead the horse to the nearby grassed area as there was a steep grassy bank to negotiate first and I had visions of being towed unceremoniously and being forced to let the horse escape.  Eventually, after what seemed like an hour (probably just 10 or 15 minutes) two burly men came on the scene - they'd seen the horse canter past their nearby 'smallholding' and followed him, armed with a long piece of rope.  I was so relieved.    All they did was tether the horse to a tree on the green to await rescue from his owners.   The horse was tied in view of their property so they promised to keep an eye on him and supply water if/when necessary.    I was shaking for ages afterwards - just thinking what might have happened if the horse had run straight into an oncoming bus or car - its a busy road.   Yuk!!

I think the horse had broken out of his field - he was a coloured horse (but quite fine) and probably what we Kentish folk call a 'pikey' pony - belonging to the traveller/gypsy type fraternity who graze their horses on common land in the County.

I'm aching tonight - had my arm/shoulder wrenched a bit - but what hurts most is the knowledge that not one passerby tried to help!!   Where are all the good samaritans when you need them?


Jan said...

Poor Sue! I don't know that I would have had enough wits about me to have done what you did! Bless you, Girl, that was really a brave thing to do!

No matter how you photograph it, this little JRT is the cutest thing going! I'm sure his owner will be well pleased!

Jennifer Rose said...

:/ someone should have at least called the cops, could have done that in their cars.
I'm glad you stopped, I would have as well and tried to catch the horse or at the very least get it off the road. Maybe having dealt with horses in the past makes a difference?

sue said...

Thanks Jan and Jennifer.

I keep reliving this morning and wondering what I should have done differently - but there wasn't time to think! I'm just happy that the horse 'wanted' to be captured/calmed really - things could have got really messy if he'd swerved round me and carried on - although I had stopped the traffic.

I guess we never know how we'll react until it happens and then instinct kicks in - rightly or wrongly.

I'm aching a lot tonight :o)

Lene said...

hi Sue
I think you showed a lot of guts in a situation that could have been fatal for drivers!
It's sad no one reacted and helped you out.

The little doggie in your drawing is so cute and well done!

K. T. Sparks said...

Sue it is people like you that keep this crazy old world going! I could just see the whole situation in my mind's eye as I read and your poor little toes where cringing I am sure of it! It always makes me so mad when people just look at you and won't help out. That guy being 16 hands was quite tall for you to be trying to hold onto his halter! I am amazed that you were able to manage and him not drag you by bolting. Sue you are the hero of the day and sorry you got a hurt shoulder. I hope if ever one of my animals escapes you are coming along to save the day! Love the JRT portrait! said...

Sue, I found a dog, a ridgeback a few months ago in the depths of the wood. There was one dog walker, and I can't believe they actually owned their own dog! I asked for help catching the dog, it was very thin and I guess had been loose for days although it had a collar and tag but they said it would frighten their own dog. I had a lead for mine and offered it, no use they said and kept walking. Aware of the road I did my best on my own but failed, I feel awful I couldn't catch it, I called the police, vets. dog wardens and left my number with them all so I could find out the dog was safely reunited with an owner but no one ever rang me back. I'm sure the owner would have called me if they had found the dog, I am sad to think it never made it home and I'm still devestated about it now. People don't care unless it belongs to them, it's a sad society that we live in. I've rescued dogs which I'm sure could be returned if we all leant a hand but people don't care. Good on you for having a go and doing your best. I'd really appreciate the help you gave if the horse belonged to me.

Fay Akers said...

Wow that seems so serreal. Thank goodness you were there to help.

And here I go again telling you how amazing you do the eyes! Good job on both accounts today.

Christine said...

Sue,your portrait is very beautiful. You did an excellent job on the eyes and coloring of the fur.

I am so sorry to hear what you had to go through, and that nobody wanted to even attempt at helping you. I must say that I am not surprised though. Times have changed and people are more selfish and less helpful to their fellow man these days. But, there are still people such as yourself who act to help and do a good deed. It speaks volumes for who you are and you can be proud of that. Thankfully those two guys came to help in the end. Wow, that could have turned out real bad for the horse, yourself, and others in the vehicles. You've done very good!!!
I hope you'll recover quickly from the aches and pains!

Anonymous said...

I love this portrait of the JRT, he is so cute and you have captured him perfectly.

Oh my what a scary thing to happen, and people are just so stupid, fancy not giving you any kind of help at all! I did have something like this happen to me on a busy dual carrigeway and luckily enough was with a friend who is horse mad and quite confident to handle him, but we did get some get help and the rider was not far behind.....the thought it colliding with a car does not bear thinking about.

sue said...

Thanks Vic
I'm hobbling round like an old lady this morning - not as fit as I used to be!

Will you get a chance to visit the Made in Whitstable exhibition at the Horsebridge - starts Wednesday for a week. The Private View is Thurs evening 6.30 (wine and nibbles etc)

"JeanneG" said...

I love this little puppy. I wish I had the patience to do all that hair. I have wanted to do a picture of my Dizzy and haven't because of her hair. Very good job.

Peter Williams said...

Well done you Sue! I know I and many others I know would have done all we could to help. It's not a really bad society I'm sure, you were just unlucky on the day. But you're a hero for getting the job done. Hope the shoulder heals soon.

sue said...

Thanks Jeanne - Reggie was fun to draw. I enjoy 'scruffy' mutts like him!

Peter, I was in agony for a couple of days - I think I pulled a muscle in my chest which hurt like h*ll when I took deep breaths ... but all is well again now!!

I probably looked like a madwoman hanging onto a prancing horse and gesticulating at passers by - no wonder nobody wanted to talk to me :o)