Friday, 30 July 2010


at the special request of Tommie, I carried on with his portrait and tidied it up a little - the light wasn't too good for photographing it unfortunately

Whilst the pastels were out, I decided to re-work/finish a small pastel I completed a couple of months ago for fun .... again it hasn't photographed particularly well tonight ... but I have a few small pics like this so think I may just take a selection of them, together with the big framed pictures for the SOFA assessment panel in August

I haven't properly sorted through all the photos I took at the dogshow last weekend but had to post this one.  This poodle was going to great lengths to get her Mum's attention.  She didn't like Mum looking at the dogs in the judging ring - and spent ages standing up like this demanding cuddles and blocking Mum's view (bless)

Sadly, one of my double human portraits has fallen through today.  I received the reference photo today and just knew I wouldn't be able to work from it.   I felt terrible explaining to my client that I would have to turn the work down but I just couldn't see enough detail.  The portrait was intended as a surprise present for a 50th birthday end August so hope she can think of an alternative gift in good time.

Anyway,  we're off tonight to join in the festivities at Tankerton slopes/on the beach.   There will be a big bonfire and party atmosphere.  Its within easy walking distance so no problems if we watch some of the fun from the terrace at the local hostelry :o)  This marks the official end of the annual Whitstable Oyster Festival although there will be more minor events going on throughout next week and then our local carnival/regatta starts .... no shortage of things going on here in the Summer months!



Sunny said...

You are truly blessed with a wonderful talent. It's a delight to see your work.
☼ Sunny

Teresa said...

Hi Sue,

Been browsing around your blog. Your art is, well, fabulous! How large are the portraits in your sidebar - such as "Eye of the Beholder" and "Windswept"?

sue said...

Aw ... thanks Sunny. You're very kind.

and thank you too, Teresa. Very much appreciated.
Those pictures aren't especially big (no bigger than A3) I've used a 'fun' photo package which has a few standard scenarios into which a photo can be inserted :o)

Jan said...

Your little black kitten is beautiful - so glad you decided to finish him. I like Tommy also but he looks a bit "cut out" and pasted onto the background. Is he finished? Also could just be the light at the time of the photo.

You certainly don't lack entertainment where you live - sounds as if you've got plenty to keep you occupied even without the one commission.

Dais said...

Tommie thinks he's looking pretty handsome on that painting.
I think Tommies coat is a bit more blue IRL. A more blue grey, but maybe that's just the bad light in the photo.
That second kitten is adorable!

sue said...

Thanks Jan and Dais

The photo is partly to blame as the camera emphasized the Contrast making the whites and blacks too strong but I will get the pastels out again tomorrow and do a little bit of tweaking. Just realised SOFA day is this Thursday so I need to get my act together ... I certainly won't have time to re-do Tommy on a different paper now so will need to improve this version.

Angela Finney said...

Lovely kitties, Sue. Good luck with panel!

Too bad about the commission, I do understand the insanity of trying to do good work from poor reference photos. People especially, I don't even say I will do people at this point.

Ummm, oyster festival! Love them, but don't get them much where I live and likely will less with the oil spill effecting the oyster beds in the states.

sue said...

Thanks Angela
Whitstable harbour has become a fashionable tourist attraction because its retained its character and is still a working harbour. Lots of 'city boys & girls' visit at weekends and in the Summer and that bumps the prices up in the restaurants etc... but at least enough money comes in to keep the businesses running through the winter months.

I have never eaten an oyster .. and probably won't even though they are supposed to be really good. Its just the appearance of them .. yuk :o)

Chrissy said...

I love the pic of Tommy, it looks almost 3d the way you have done it. Wonderful work...
I went to a country show and took loads of pics of dogs, it kept me going for ages but now I need to go to another one, it looks like you had fun!
It is sad when you have to turn people away but portraits require so much detail, I don't think people always realise!
I hope you enjoy all your goings on :D

Erik said...

I really like the kitten Sue, extremely cute!

Keith said...

Like the background flower bed behind Tommie. Nicely impressionistic, very light touch.