Thursday, 29 July 2010


We've had a busy day today, met a friend for lunch and then had to take some parcels/portraits to the Post Office.  We also had to buy a new 'watering wand' to fix to the hosepipe as the old one finally gave up on us.  It is more than 8 years old so I guess we shouldn't complain.   I don't mind watering the vegetables and greenhouse plants by watering can but its so much easier to water hanging baskets and plants at the back of the borders  with the hosepipe/wand.

Anyway, just about 30 minutes extra on Tom today so hardly worth posting, but I need to crack on with it and decide whether it stays or goes in the bin.    The light grey pastelmat I ordered on Monday has arrived so I can get back to the human portraits tomorrow.


Dais said...

Don't throw it away! If you do put a stamp on it, Tom and I are loving it so far. He's very proud to be painted once too. Normally it's Page.

sam said...

Looking good Sue,great pose!

sue said...

Thanks Dais ... OK just to please Tom ... he may not be as 'classically beautiful' as Page, but Tom has such a lot of personality and I just love the faces he pulls :o)

Thanks Sam - much appreciated!