Tuesday, 13 July 2010


For this portrait I'm working from one main reference from a favourite snapshot which has been 'blown up' and is not quite as clear as the others I was sent in support.  Nana's hair style and colour look slightly different in the references but I've now been told that her hair colour should be brown/grey rather than blonde as it appears in some of the ref pictures and the style (especially the kiss curl) amended slightly.   So here's the updated picture incorporating the revisions which I've just emailed to my client.

I shall be hospital visiting again tomorrow so probably won't do any more work on this portrait until Thursday.

Its very gloomy here today and the photographs kept coming out too blue/grey - although the pastelmat is 'light grey' the grey does have a slight 'fawn/pink' tinge to it in reality.  I adjusted the tones slightly then hubby said the picture appeared too bright on his screen (though it looked fine on mine) so this is a compromise.



Bev said...

Very impressive Sue, she looks a lovely lady, well done. I admire those who do people portraits, They scare me to bits. I keep wanting to try but chicken out.

pett paintings said...

Looks great Sue I hope your client is happy with your adjustments so you can pick up where you left off.
Hope the hospital visit is encouraging xx

sue said...

Thanks Bev - I'm sure you'd have no trouble with people portraits - its just overcoming the 'mental' block (in my case anyway)so it helps to think of them as animals without fur :o)

Hi Kay. Waiting for client's feedback so I've started gridding/outlining the next portrait but am torn ... the garden desperately needs attention and we have such a narrow window of opportunity with our clay soil (rock hard when dry and too claggy when wet) that I really should go tackle some weeds and tidy up out there.

so much to do ... so little time it seems!!

and thanks, Richard continues to make slow but positive progress. When we look back to how badly injured he was 12 weeks ago its truly amazing how far he has come already.

Jennie Norris said...

Beautiful work!!!

Dors said...

Looking great. I am sure you will get good feedback from your client.

People portraits are not easy. I have almost pulled my hair out on the occasions that I have done them.

sue said...

Thanks Jennie and Dors ... really appreciate your support