Saturday, 17 July 2010


No artwork posts from me yet .. I'm awaiting feedback re. Nana's portrait and have started on a 'double human' portrait which I won't be able to show for a while.

But today we visited my (retired)  horse and both the Mums.  On our journey home we detoured to buy some Kentish cherries.  It has been a good year for cherries and David loves them .... this must be his fourth punnet in as many days I think!!   A local lady had set up a covered stall in a field adjacent to the orchards and sold nothing but local cherries ... accompanied by her gorgeous 7 month old puppy ( a really cute Jack Russell cross) ... I took a few pictures of him to add to my 'to do' list :o)

Whilst driving through the village we followed directions to the local church which was hosting an 'art show' so stopped off to have a look.   There was a good selection on display from artists of all levels and several pictures bore the desired 'red dots' denoting sales!

Tomorrow the village is hosting its annual 'scarecrow trail' and we saw several scarecrows on display.  We've had extremely windy weather for the past few days in Kent so I think many scarecrows will have been kept safely indoors and won't make their appearance till tomorrow to avoid damage.   I didn't have my 'proper' camera with me but we always keep a little one in the car - it takes reasonable pictures but the setting screen is hard to read so its usually 'point and hope for the best' .... good luck to all contestants tomorrow .. hope you find all the scarecrows, work out all the clues and have a brilliant day!

Here's a few of the scarecrows we met today:

These next ones were all in the church itself - the local vicar obviously has a great sense of humour and its wonderful that he allowed these 'characters' to be displayed in the pews/pulpit etc ..... all for the benefit of the village of course and what a great idea!


pett paintings said...

Some great characters there Sue! I enoy the scarecrow rails at this time of year (and the Kent Cherries)
Hope your "Nana" client comes back on a positive note for you ;-) x

Dors said...

Great scarecrows. Thanks for sharing the fun with us all.

I am sure Nan portrait will be a great success.

Yummy cherries. Hope you enjoyed. or are they just for David ? LOL

sue said...

I would love to have revisited this village to check out the rest of the scarecrows but out garden needed serious attention and the weather conditions (for once) were just perfect.... so we spent about 5 hours working in the garden and another couple of hours on the loungers ... just enjoying the fruits of our labour!! Life is good methinks!!

I love the taste of cherries but have a problem with any fruit containing pips or stones .. so I had a couple and David had pounds and pounds of them :o)

"JeanneG" said...

Wonderful scarecrows. Lots of character in each one.

Jilly said...

Oooo cherry jam! I love this time of year. I quite like doing the "Pick your own" thing and making jam.
Those scarecrows look great! We have a similar thing in a village local to us and people get more creative every year...
Hope David isn't feeling too stuffed with cherries ;0)

sue said...

Thanks Jeanne and Jilly.
Never thought of making cherry jam .... probably because the damson trees in our garden are such prolific fruiters I'm kept busy making jam from those in the Autumn.

David says there's no such thing as being 'too stuffed with cherries' :o)

Jan said...

Those scarecrows are wonderful but too nice and creative to be called "scare"crows! Glad to hear that the art was selling at the art show - gives hope that the market is beginning an upswing.

Your nana portrait is beautiful - I need you to help me with the little boy and the chicken when I get back to it.

I like cherries also but have a question - what is a punnet? The internet is wonderful in that one can learn so much about different countries and their cultures. Maybe I should just go do a search on it and save you the typing!

Susan Roux said...

Too funny!

Sunny said...

How creative...I think they're too cute to scare crows!
☼ Sunny

sue said...

Thanks so much for commenting

Hi Jan. Apologies for the delay in responding but things have been a little hectic here.

A punnet is the traditional English disposable basket that Summer soft fruits are displayed/sold in here in England. They were once made of straw, then paper/cardboard and now more likely plastic but I don't think there is any specific weight/quantity requirement associated with them. We Brits tend to talk about punnets of strawberries/raspberries/gooseberries or blackcurrants - but not Autumn/Winter fruits.

Not sure if thats good enough but I can't think how better to describe a punnet!

Jo said...

Love the scarecrows Sue, they do the same thing in a village near us. X