Wednesday, 3 March 2010


What I mean is, I need somebody on hand to keep my pencils sharp - I hate having to keep stopping work to sharpen them. Its even worse as I appear to have bought a 'duff' batch of white Faber Castell Pitt pastels. I can't remember where these came from but it seems they've been dropped or badly handled at some stage, as fast as I sharpen them they crumble and break .... I have enough white to see me through today but the sanded paper I'm working on does eat pastel pencils at a great rate. Thank goodness for the SAA (society for all artists) - I've just placed an urgent order online and it should be here tomorrow - phew!

I'm just having a coffee break and giving my eyes a rest but I've done more work on Snowy the white GSD and will post pics later.

Jo has confirmed its OK to show the graphite drawing - this photo isn't wonderful as my camera really dislikes black + white pictures. As I wasn't sure if I was actually going to send this to them, I didn't take many pictures - here it is pinned on my workboard - you can still make out shadows where the paper was rolled in a tube when I took it on holiday to work on - it is Mellotex white paper which is almost cardlike so I'm surprised it has taken so long to recover from its journey. Anyway, Happy Anniversary Jo & Roy - I know its a few weeks' away yet but you and your friends/family made us feel so welcome - can't believe its almost a year ago!


  1. Looks a wonderful job to me Sue.
    They look such a happy couple.

    Glad your able to get a quick deliver of pencils.

    i would gladly sharpen your pencils for you... My flight would only cost a mere $2,500.00 LOL. Cheap price to pay to visit a fellow artist in need. ;)

  2. Yep I seem to remember laughing a lot - it was a fun occasion.

    You've just reminded me that I haven't picked my lottery numbers for tonight. I don't normally gamble but I had £10 put into an online lottery account for me. At first go last week I managed to win £5 for a mere £2 stake!!!

    If I get a big win tonight I'll take you up on your sharpening offer - that and ironing are my least favourite jobs!

  3. Great job on the double portrait Sue and a lovely surprise for Jo!
    Theres nothing more frustrating than pencils with shattered lead in my eyes such a distraction for you when trying to progress a painting!
    Have a good time in the sun (again)!!!x

  4. Thanks Kay. Have you tested the new Derwents yet? I've just ordered a couple of black/white pencils to try.

    I'll do my best in Fuerte. This time I don't plan to do any major decorating or restoration work .. it really will be a holiday to relax. Then just one more trip booked in May for 3 weeks ... by that time I hope we'll get some sun in England and I can work on the garden here


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