Friday, 5 March 2010


Just a quick posting as this is one of the rare occasions that David is cooking Dinner - and I need to be ready when he presents the 'masterpiece' :o)

Snowy has been finished and approved so will be en route to Wales shortly where he will be professionally framed ready for presentation to my client's brother at his birthday party.


  1. Wonderful wonderful... Stunning job Sue. Love the BG color and the matting.


    Enjoy dinner.

  2. Beautiful work as always Sue, I have a set of pastel pencils Im itching to use but dont know how, two questions, how do you sharpen yours to a fine point, and what colours did you use on the eyes..

  3. Thank you Dors ... I did :o)

    Thanks Grahame.
    I have a real mixed bag of pastel pencils as some work better on velour and some on sanded papers etc.

    I know its frowned on but I usually sharpen my pencils with a sharpener as I don't get on well with craft knives. I have an expensive Swordfish electric sharpener which is great for graphite/CPs but tends to break pastels. I find the best one is a cheap and cheerful manual (desk) sharpener from Lidl. About twice a year Lidl stock 'art' supplies and I get 3 or 4 sharpeners which I use for graphite, CPs and pastels. their last 'art' period was about 2 weeks ago. I think they are around £3 each Then to really sharpen the points when I need to draw very fine lines I rub the pencil on sandpaper.

    Bearing in mind Snowy was drawn on sanded paper which was blue/green/grey colour I used slightly more red colours on his eyes than I would normally. They don't have colour names but:
    Conte No 39 and 18 (sort of red and umber) Carbothello 305 and 690 (red/orange and mustard) and Pitt 118 and 185. I used Pitt pastels for the white, blue and black as I find they sharpen and hold their points better for fine work.

    I 'flit' between graphite, CPs and pastels and love them all for different reasons (pastels are fastest I think). After trying lots of different supports I really love Fisher 400, Clairefontaine Pastelmat or this Sennellier pastel card - which are all either sanded or cork surfaced. But I know lots of pastel artists like using smoother papers (or mountboard) so I look forward to seeing what you settle on. I'm sure you'll do some fabulous work

  4. I think this is one of my favorites from you - wonderful job and I'm sure the clients are very happy with it too!

  5. Hi Jan.
    Thanks very much. The client is happy (and hope her brother will be when he receives it). I believe I'll be drawing another one for this client later in the year (her husband's dog as his birthday pressie)

  6. Thanks Sue, Ill give my pastels a go, its just finding the time...

  7. I'm in the same boat Grahame - lots of things I want to try, including pencils/papers I've had for years, but the 'paying stuff' always comes first of course!

  8. sue,
    the snowy is wonderful...
    liked to watch the progress...
    how natural it looks...

  9. wow - the portrait of Snowy is really great. White fur not the easiest to paint, I think, but you have made it excellent.

  10. Thank you Lene - much appreciated :o)


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