Thursday, 14 June 2018

14/06: FRANKIE - Finished (for the moment)

I'm calling this finished for the time being as I need to put the pastels away and clean my workroom which is a REAL mess.

We're flying to Kenya on Sunday for a 3 camp Safari (staying 3 nights at each one).   So I need to get packing and cleaning the house before the 'house-sitter' arrives.   She is family but, even so, don't want her thinking I'm a real slob!

I know that when I next look at Frankie I'll want to change lots of things but I don't want to overwork it.   FB suppresses photo quality so I can't really see all the detail in Frankie's mouth for instance ... but as its going to be a surprise gift I really can't ask Sister-in-law for the original photo.  I guess it was taken on her phone anyway so probably not as clear as I'd like.


Jan said...

Oh, Sue, this is adorable! Your ex-SIL will be absolutely delighted!

Hope you've gotten your luggage and packing all squared away for your trip! How fortunate you are to be able to see the animals in their natural habitat! Can't wait for you to get home and tell us all about it!

Have a super wonderful trip!!!!!!

Jo said...

What a cute puppy. Love the picture. Have a great tip to Africa.

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

looks great :)

have a great time in Kenya :D take lots of photos :)

Sue Clinker said...

Thanks ladies .... I've been to Kenya on Safari once before (with previous husband, around 35 years ago). This is David's first experience so I'm really hoping he'll enjoy it as I've been nagging him for 20 years to try it. My photograph album from my previous safari went missing in the divorce/move so really looking forward to taking lots more (expecting to take several thousand)!!

Kendra said...

Frankie is so sweet! Have a wonderful safari trip, hope to get there myself someday.

hmuxo said...

LOVE this sweet puppy Sue!!!! I hope you're enjoying your Summer!!! Miss seeing your work!!!!!!