Tuesday, 5 June 2018

05/06: Indian Man Pink Turban and Coloured Shawl

Do you remember this guy?

He was one of the many villagers I photographed in Pali, Rajasthan when we visited India in January.

I drew him in coloured pencil as the first of several I intend to do so I've got a selection of works ready to submit to the jury next year for the UKCPS annual International Exhibition.  Normally I leave this till the last minute and have to do a rush job which isn't a good idea as the standard just gets better each year.   

I'm really trying hard to get Diamond Status with the UKCPS (pictures juried into their annual International Exhibition on 15 occasions)  I'm at Gold Status at the moment having had pictures in the exhibition for 11 years (10 is the Gold benchmark).   I need to 'up the ante' a bit ...

Anyway, I digress.

Canterbury Society of Art staged an early Summer Exhibition last week at a local school in Whitstable whilst it was closed for half-term.    I stewarded the exhibition on the first Saturday and footfall was really slow as this is a new venue for the Society and I think word hadn't really got around ... I don't know how things went later in the week but when I went to collect my two entries I was given just one back ... this one sold on the penultimate day so that was a lovely surprise ... although it means I'm back at square one having no coloured pencil works in the bag!

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