Monday, 13 February 2017

Indian tour February/March 2017

Next weekend we're about to embark on our 3rd tour of India as a couple - (I've been to India many times in my earlier life).

With intermittent internet access and hectic travel schedules its always difficult to keep up to date but I do try to write Blogposts most days - and publish them when there is a decent internet access.  Because my camera takes such huge pictures I have to downsize photos before posting - this, coupled with slow internet, means that posts are like London buses.   Nothing for days then 5 come along together (or something like that)

In 2014 I introduced David to India via an organised tour which spent 8 days in the North (Golden Triangle tour) then a week in the South.   As a result we decided he loved India as much as I do ... but he/we couldn't cope with the organised tours - being herded along with 40 other people on a tight schedule with no time to stop and really enjoy the spirit of India.

In 2016 we compromised.    David and I decided where we'd like to visit in South and North India and asked a tour company to put together a package - including a driver and car where appropriate.   We had a great time - stayed in a tree house on a coffee plantation, on rice boats on the river, travelled by steam train and ferries and generally were able to meet local people and embrace local food/customs.

This year we've done our own thing.   We know where we want to go, what we want to see/do and have organised it ourselves (well David has done most of the nitty/gritty stuff).   We are enlisting the services of Joshi - our wonderful driver in Cochin/Kochi, in the South.    He was so helpful last year once he realised that we really did want to sample street food and street life ....

The weather forecast shows we're in for some very hot weather which isn't conducive to sightseeing (for us) but we'll take it as it comes ....

anyway ... last year's blog was here:   India - 2016

This year's blog will be: India 2017

I hope you'll follow our adventures!   Suexx


Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

have a great time!

Sue Clinker said...

thanks Jennifer. I posted this early as we've got a hectic week ahead - haven't really had any time to think about what we're going to pack/wear etc as temperatures are going to be in the 30s!!! We are looking forward to it ....... but its coming round far too fast! This might be the last 'exotic' trip as hubby will reach the grand old age of ** this year and travel insurance premiums will go sky high next year!

Hope you start to feel a bit better soon ... you're really having everything thrown at you at the moment ... take care. xx

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

def try to get in as much traveling while you can while its affordable. :) 30 degrees, dont thinks it ever been thought hot here lol
and thanks :)

Jan said...

Yes, have a wonderful time, Sue! You know I always like to see the photos from your trips so I'm looking forward to it as much as you are!

Sue Clinker said...

Temps are going to average mid 30s but some days up to 39deg so its going to be hoooootttt! Average temps for Feb/March should be around 26-28degrees which is much more comfortable so once again our arrival coincides with some unexpectedly hot weather. We'll have to plan our excursions carefully.

Jan said...

Hey Sue,
Just wanted to let you know that I couldn't post on your new blog. Will definitely be checking in with it though!