Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Flat Coated Retriever - finished

Whiskers and eyebrows added and I'm calling it finished now.

Time to clean up the working area now ... pastel dust certainly travels!

and in a double mount reading for framing.  

The mount is antique white colour so not quite as dull as it looks in the photo.  This gloomy weather is not good for getting accurate colours in the photos but looks as though its going to get worse over the next few days.     Temperatures are not due to rise above 2deg max with the possibility of sleet/snow.   

We're off to France tomorrow to stock up on wine and the weather forecast is very similar so we'll be wrapping up warmly.    We hadn't planned to go this early in the year but good old P&O Ferries are doing another offer of a crossing with car for £27 and they give us a box (6 bottles) of wine so basically the crossing is free.     It would be rude not to take them up on such a good offer wouldn't it?

Living fairly close to the Ferry port at Dover means we can do the return trip/shopping in an afternoon.   We don't linger for lunch or dinner but buy a selection of pate/cheese/pickles to eat with french bread/baguettes on the 90 minute homeward crossing ... we enjoy our 'picnics'


Jo said...

What a deal Sue. Wish I could join you.

Dog looks great.

Jan said...

Beautiful finish, Sue. I'm with Jo and wish I could join you on your wine run but maybe not with that weather forecast!!!! Today is over 75 degrees F but temps are due to plunge again by the weekend. Enjoy your trip no matter the weather!

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

that is a pretty good deal for the ferry :D

the whiskers really do finish the work off

Sue Clinker said...

Thanks ladies. Living in Kent makes it easy to 'pop over' to France whenever these special deals crop up. The train (Eurotunnel) is a much faster crossing but its boring as you just sit in your car and they rarely offer cheap fares.

The Ferry crossing takes 90 minutes but you leave the car in the hold and wander round the ship spending money in the cafes/restaurants and the Duty Free shop - at least you can stretch your legs and if the weather is good you can go up on deck (not an option today methinks)

Thanks for your comments re. the dog. It will be posted on Saturday to arrive next week. The birthday is 24 February so although my client says she loves it, the true test is when the portrait is presented to her husband ..

Colette Theriault said...

OMG Sue, this looks so much like one of my commissions! You did a fabulous job of rendering him. Bravo!

Linda said...

Absolutely gorgeous, Sue! Warm greetings from Montreal, Canada. My grandparents on my father's side are from Kent. :)

Sue Clinker said...

Thanks Colette and Linda.
Many apologies for the long delay in responding but we've been travelling in India and I used the limited wifi time we had to write/keep up with a Blog about our travels. I had no spare time to catch up on anything else.

Whereabouts in Kent did your grandparents live Linda?