Friday, 22 April 2016

Andalusian Fair

This is a short post as the keyboard on our computer has gone wrong and we're having to 'import' a screen keyboard which is painful to use ... so slow

Here's a few picture from the Andalusian Fair which took place in Corralejo last weekend - these are taken in pretty harsh sunlight so they'll need a bit of tweaking when I get back to my 'home' computer and can access the photo-editing programmes


  1. What wonderful photos Sue! I see so many amazing reference photos for future paintings....

  2. Wonderful Sue. Great to see the horses, the costumes worn by both the men and the women. I would love to have been there.

  3. Wonderful Sue! I can just see a painting of yours from that 5th photo of the stately man in beige/brown on the dark colored horse! Also like the mule! He really looks to have been quite the character! And the ladies in the flamenco dresses!!! You really do have a wealth of material - can't wait for you to get home and start painting!

  4. great photos :D so jealous right now lol :)

  5. Lovely lovely photographs! I know there are a few paintings hiding in there :)


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