Tuesday, 5 April 2016

05/04: New CP drawing - at last!

Well, I've no excuses for the long absence.    We were on holiday for a couple of weeks but even so, I've found it difficult to get motivated and couldn't decide on a subject (despite having taken so many photos in India etc)

I have a cat to do but as there is no urgency I thought I'd start with something for myself till I'm back in the swing of things.

This young lady's parents sell traditional flamenco outfits at a Sunday market in Corralejo (Fuerteventura) and I thought she looked so pretty dressed in one of the childrens' outfits.   She was happy to pose (and I had her parents permission).

I'm working on drafting film for this one, using Polychromos pencils and a black backing sheet.    I wasn't sure whether to use a black or a white backing sheet (important to decide at the outset as pencils colours appear quite different on each).  I think the black works best, as the film is slightly opaque the black shows as grey and I might just leave it like that without adding a background.   For the moment this is just a spare sheet of black Canford paper slipped behind the film so I can see how the colours are working.

Drafting film will only allow a few layers of pencil so a slightly different technique is called for to get skin tones right - I'd normally use many more layers and do a lot of blending but here I'm using very sharp pencils and gently crosshatching to mix the colours.

I stupidly managed to drip water on the film when photographing it earlier - my hair was wet after my shower .. just hoping that won't mark the film or I might be forced to add a background anyway!


Jan said...

Sue, I like this one already even though it's not finished. So glad you're back painting - sometimes just starting something will up the inspiration to do more.

Sue Clinker said...

Thank you Jan. You're right, of course. The longer I procrastinated the less I felt like picking up my drawing tools again. I enjoyed working on this today and as there's no client to please, or deadline to meet, I can just experiment and have fun!

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

love all the ruffles :D

and sometimes you just need to take a break to rest your brain :)

Sue Clinker said...

Thanks Jennifer ... you're right, but too long a rest and the confidence starts disappearing!