Thursday, 7 April 2016

07/04: Day 3 WIP 'Niña - Spanish Girl in Coloured Pencil

I got sidetracked this morning ... so many distractions ...  I didn't make as much progress as I'd have liked on this today.

Anyway, I managed another couple of hours work this afternoon and here are the progress pics ... again the colours vary as taken in different light conditions ... I think the last one is probably most true to life

I've darkened the hair slightly.   I'm working on drafting film over a black backing sheet which makes the background look grey but in 'real life' it doesn't look as dark as this

This background colour is probably more true here although the red dress is now too orange ... oh the joys of technology.   I've added more colour to the ruffles/frills in the dress

and this is where I ground to a halt - I've started adding some shadow to the ruffles to add more realism.

I will need to work more on her skin tones, in particular her arms and hands, but as usual I'm doing lots of 'flitting' and not concentrating on any one area for long.   I still have her feet to add but hope that won't be too problematic as she's wearing simple canvas slippers.


Jan said...

Getting better all the time, Miss Sue! Very excited to see it finished! Are you going to show the family?

Sue Clinker said...

Hi Jan.
I'm having fun with this drawing - its getting me back to the drawing board. I think my film is slightly 'past its best' and has a few surface scuffs but it certainly likes the Polychromos pencils so I plan to buy some Polydraw (or similar) and do a few more pictures using this combination.

If this picture turns out OK (and I'm still undecided as to whether to add a background) I'll enter it into a couple of exhibitions/competitions and if it doesn't sell I'll give it to the girl's parents next year.

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

the red looks so vibrant! :)I always have problems with reds

Jo said...

Yes, it is coming along very well. I wondered when you were going to do some legs or feet. It's such a pretty dress isn't it?

Sue Clinker said...

Hi Jennifer
I'm really impressed with how rich the Polychromos appear on the film. The dress is done with Scarlet Red, Deep Scarlet Red and Pale Geranium Lake.
Hi Jo
there's really only ankles and slippers to draw but I shouldn't get complacent as I'd be annoyed if I screw up at this late stage! Yes its a lovely dress and she modelled it well ... the family's market stall was vibrant with so many lovely dresses on display - adult sized and child sized.