Monday, 8 June 2015

08/06: The Big Issue ... finished (I think)

OK .... where to start?

Firstly, Grand-daughter No. 2 eventually deigned to arrive in the early hours of Tuesday (just 13 days late) but to add insult to injury she just crossed her legs and refused to 'pee' so Caroline couldn't leave hospital and go home till 9pm the next evening ... methinks this latest arrival has a very strong will of her own!

Sophie (Grand-daughter No. 1) with new arrival, Abigail Katie ....   Sophie doesn't have bad teeth, I think she'd been snacking on chocolate!

Sadly there is no improvement in Mum-in-Law's condition and we continue to visit regularly but she doesn't recognise or interact with us.   She was so looking forward to this latest baby and we hope she will recover enough to enjoy her.

I've been very slow to finish this latest coloured pencil work - the nearer it got to completion, the less I wanted to work on it which was strange as I've quite enjoyed the challenge of all those knitted sections.   Anyway, I'm calling it finished now and will mount and frame it ready to go into a local exhibition being staged by Canterbury Society of Art from 24 June till 7 July at the Horsebridge Art Gallery, Whitstable.  I intend to enter 3 or 4 pictures so just have to decide which ones and make sure they're ready to show.   The rules state that pictures should not have been shown at previous Canterbury Society of Art Exhibitions so I'll be choosing from some of my older pieces.

I keep calling this the 'Big Issue Seller' because that what he is/does ... but am wondering if 'coat of many colours' might be more appropriate as a title?


Jo said...

Congratulations on the new baby. Trust everyone doing well, although sorry to hear your mum-in-law isn't any better.

I prefer Coat of Many Colours because to me Big Issue Seller means nothing (apart from your explanation) I don't know how many English would know what it was about. Of course Coat of Many Colours has religious connotations too.

Jan said...

Both of the granddaughters are beautiful! Sophie looks like a little angel and Abigail Kate is so alert and well-formed for having been born such a relatively short time ago! Congratulations to you and David

The Big Issue man is great and it doesn't look like you struggled with it. As for the title - why not just call it the Big Issue? Coat of Many Colors has been somewhat overdone in various ways, at least here in the US. But I certainly don't come up with the best titles so you need to name it what you like.

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

your drawing looks good, great job with all the textures and colours on his coat :)

and congrats on the healthy, (if not very stubborn) new grand daughter :)

Sue Clinker said...

Thanks Ladies ... I'm pleased to be able to call this finished now and will frame it quickly so I don't play with it any more.

I probably need to get back to animal art for the next one or two drawings as think I'm getting a bit 'stale' with the human characters.

I don't have to deliver the pics to Canterbury Art Society till next Monday so still have a few days to decide which pictures will be entered, and what the titles will be.

CrimsonLeaves said...

Sophie and Abigail are gorgeous little girls, Sue! And I think your Big Issue is exquisite and oh so beautifully done! Congratulations on your new little one!!

Polly Birchall said...

Many congratulations!!! And what a lovely photo. Your painting probably took a while because of where your mind has been. Do hope things improve. Anyway, I like the Coat of Many Colours title, for what it's worth

Studio at the Farm said...

I am so glad to read that little Abigail finally arrived, Both your grand-daughters are beauties! And I hope your mother-in-law recovers soon to meet the new arrival.
Your work is superb, Sue! I like "Coat of Many Colours" as a title, too.
Kathryn XX

Karen Hull said...

Hi Sue, Just wanted to say a big congrats firstly on your brand new Granddaughter - aren't they both gorgeous!!! Secondly wanted to stop by and say a huge congrats on your Honourable Mention in Ann Kullberg's member show. It was so lovely to see your familiar face there and especially with the award!!! :)

Sue Clinker said...

Thank you for all your lovely comments ladies. Sadly Mum-in-Law passed away last Sunday so never got to meet Abigail. The Funeral Service will be held next Monday so David and I have been busy dealing with all the formalities. I have got a coloured pencil piece 'on the go' which I pick up/put down in between and I'll post some progress reports soon - finding it therapeutic just doing a few minutes here and there.