Monday, 1 June 2015


I've done a little more work on the knitwear this morning but now we have to pick up Grand-daughter from playschool and take her home to (Caroline's house).    We'll probably stay overnight (or longer) as Caroline is in hospital waiting for arrival of Grand-daughter No. 2 who is very comfortable where she is and shows no signs of making an entry to the World yet.     Despite being 12 days overdue now, the hospital staff seem happy to let things go another 48 hours if necessary as the baby is happy and in no distress (unlike Caroline who just wants it over and done with now).

I'm beginning to make sense of his clothing now ... he is wearing an official Big Issue red Gilet which is very faded and torn, revealing some of the jumpers and sweatshirts underneath ... getting there slowly


Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

hope everyone stays healthy and if the pregnancy was here, wouldn't blame the kid for wanting to stay put with the horrible weather at the moment :p

Jo said...

Poor Caroline. I do hope it all happens soon for her. How's the MIL doing?

What a lot of clothing to get right in your picture - never heard the word Gilet before, will have to google it.

CrimsonLeaves said...

How amazing is this piece? I still love the jacket! I'm guessing baby is here now???

J. Gibson Art Studio said...

I don't know what a Gilet is but this is looking better and better. Hope the new baby arrives soon. I'm sure Caroline is very ready to have it all done with with it being so long past her due date! And I'm sure you and David are ready to have your lives back.