Sunday, 5 April 2015


We've been visiting parents today and on the way home we stopped off a local bird/wildlife sanctuary just to get some fresh air and exercise with a brief walk.

After yesterday's dismal weather, today was bright and sunny (but cold in the breeze) and I just love the blossom beginning to emerge on the hedgerow trees

Even though its Easter Sunday (public holiday) the local farmers were working, making the most of the good weather.    The gulls love to follow the tractors as they turn over the soil and throw up all sorts of goodies along with the dust!

on the 'arty' front ... I've done a little bit of work on the 'Sax on the Beach' drawing.    I've been darkening/deeping colours and although I'm still not very enthusiastic about the drawing, I think I'll persevere with it and see what happens ....


just a reminder ... this is where I 'abandoned' him a while ago.    Not a lot of difference yet but I'm working on it - I think strengthening the colours will make the image a little more interesting.


J. Gibson Art Studio said...

Neat photos, Sue! Boy those are a lot of gulls - must be some good stuff kicked up indeed!

Keep going on the sax player - it's looking good, really. Deepening the colors has made it pop.

Jo said...

He looks pretty good to me. Blossom, it's been snowing all day here. Thought we'd got away with that stuff.

CrimsonLeaves said...

Can't see a reason not to love this piece in progress, Sue. I think it is totally and wonderfully fabulous. I love the addition of the distant structures on the horizon. His eyes are stunning. Perfectly drawn too!

Studio at the Farm said...

Good photos of all those hungry gulls, Sue.
:) And I think you're right about intensifying Sax's colors.

Sue Clinker said...

Cheers, Ladies.
I don't know why I'm not getting along with this picture but just seem to be fighting it all the way. But I like a challenge!

Sorry to hear about the return of Winter Jo ... we're off to Fuerte tomorrow so should see a bit of sunshine and hopefully photograph a few more characters for future drawings.