Saturday, 4 April 2015

04/04: MOVING ON

I'd hoped to go to a local Point to Point Race today (A Point to Point is a form of horse-race/Steeplechase over fences for hunting horses and amateur riders).   I'd love to get some ref. shots of the horses/riders in action or covered in mud after the event!     But the weather has been pretty grim here for the last couple of days so I changed my mind and stayed home.

The sun did eventually show its face late this afternoon but by then I'd lost all inclination to do anything 'outdoors'.

For the moment I'm going to call this drawing finished (2nd attempt at the girl with the red hat/fan).   I've changed lots of things from the first version but still not sure about this result.    I'm trying to keep the emphasis on the red items (specifically chosen to match the frame/mount I bought on sale) so wanted a very subdued colour for the blouse but I think I prefer the pale mauve colour of the first version.    

Its another drawing I'll keep to one side and do the final tweaks when I've had a break from it and can then see it with 'fresh eyes'.   I'm happy with fewer braids though.

and this is photographed with the frame/glass laid over the top ... what looks like 'stains/patchy finish' on the drawing is just shadows/glares from the glass

I'm now thinking of going back to Sax on the Beach and seeing if I feel happier working on him now!  


  1. Well done, Sue! I like it with fewer braids but can't advise you about the blouse color - maybe use Photo Shop to try another color if you don't think this one is working? Just as it is looks great.

  2. This is just gorgeous! Quite honestly, I like the blues of this blouse better than the mauve of the first. Will you change out the mat or leave it white?

  3. I love it as is. She is a very attractive looking young lady.

  4. Thank you. I don't plan to make any changes to her just now. Having been out for the day and looked at it again tonight I think she'll probably stay just as she is.

    The mount came with the frame so I'd really like to keep it (and that will save the cost of having another one cut) - the variance in the white mount and the white paper colour isn't quite as great as I thought so I think it will be ok.


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