Sunday, 15 February 2015

15/02: PETER PAN (slowly slowly) AND STONE PAINTING

I'm struggling with his skintones a little so will wait till I've got more colour in his hair and clothing which might help bring it all together a bit more.   The area around his eyes, in particular, needs a lot more work.    When I took the photo, he asked if he could have a print/copy of the portrait if I drew him so I need to get the likeness truer - even if this is more flattering with fewer wrinkles (for the moment)

and David (hubby) bless him has helped me out by painting some of my stones black.    I collected these stones months/years ago intending to paint some new animals but just never got around to it ... the stones have been sitting out in the garden till today.   David dried a few of them out (in my oven)!! and now they're painted I'm much more likely to make a start on them.

I can't believe its 9 years since I did any stone painting ... these are some of the 'out-takes' from that time.  The better ones got snapped up by family members as ornaments and these ones have been 'living' in my garden so they've stood the test of time.   I did varnish over the acrylic paint which has obviously protected the colours a bit.   The mice have lost their pink tails but thats only to be expected as they were just pieces of string (dyed with food colour) which I glued on.

There are a couple of 'rabbit' stones in the garden somewhere but they seem to be hiding.

Its a fun thing to do and the shape of the stone dictates what sort of animal it will become.   These aren't very big stones - I 'liberated' them from a local beach so had to select smaller ones because of the weight.


  1. nice of David to paint the stones black for you :) looking forward to seeing them painted.

    when guys have long hair like that I just want to braid it :p

  2. I can't wait to see more stone paintings, the ones you've done are wonderful! Wow! I like the pencil portrait very much, and it's reassuring for me to hear you say the you're trying to build up the value contrast gradually. I do that too, I'm so timid about getting darker and darker, especially on skin tones. You've done a fantastic job with this portrait.

  3. Oh how handsome he is!! Coming along marvelously, Sue! Love these stones!

  4. When I first saw "Peter Pan", I thought he would have made a great model for a portrait of Jesus! I like what you've done so far but his clothing sort of nixes the Jesus image!

    Yaaay, David! For someone who says they don't paint, your stone animals make a liar out of you! Get busy on those stones as the ones from the garden are great!

  5. I know what you mean Jennifer .. I always vowed I'd never date a man with hair longer than mine (so I really played safe with David) LOL

    Hi Katherine, thanks for commenting. I've recently switched to using Derwent watercolour paper for portraits and so still getting used to layering (particularly on skintones). With Pastelmat paper blending is faster/easier but I was finding that the colours 'sunk' into the surface a little and dulled down.

  6. Thank you Sherry ... not sure if I'd call him handsome but he has a wonderful smile and cheerful nature which is far more important I think.
    I've just realised that your Blog Posts have stopped coming up on my feed ... so just off to see what the problem is ...

    Hi Jan
    I have another 'character' who would make a better model for Jesus I think - a saxaphonist who busks at the Town Beach ... Was planning to draw him full size playing the saxaphone (and call it Sax on the Beach) but I think it will be too 'fussy/complicated' so will probably crop it down to just a head shot.

  7. Oh, the saxaphonist (?) sounds perfect and that title is a sure winner. Paint him full sized and just simplify more. Can't wait to see it!


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