Monday, 3 November 2014


Why did I decide to work on a pastel portrait (a black labrador at that) on the day before we leave for a trip?   

The weather is appalling here - torrential rain which at times has thrashed down like hailstones and so very cold .... Its very difficult working on black fur in artificial light so I've given up but of course I now need to have a big clean up (me and the working area)!      

I do tend to get sidetracked and wander round opening cupboards, making coffee etc and just generally leaving a trail of pasteldust behind.    A friend is staying at the house whilst we are away so I need to make sure its all clean and tidy.

At least I've made a decent start on it.   The dog portrait is to be a Christmas Gift so doesn't have to be posted till early December.    I seem to be stockpiling them at the moment.   She's a very shiny black dog and I've been using lots of blues, mauves and reds to lift the colour a bit - using black pastel alone would simply look very flat and dull.    The photo is the best I can get at the moment


Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

have a good time and really really hope nothing happens to the house while you guys are gone!

hmuxo said...

This black Labrador is coming along beautifully, Sue. You can see how silky he is and I love his eyes! A wonderful pastel portrait and I really look forward to seeing it finished!!!
Enjoy your time away!!

CrimsonLeaves said...

She is looking awesome, Sue!! Hope you have a fabulous trip!!

Jo said...

Yup I agree, a very good start. Have fun in the sun. Lucky you. Glad you have someone staying there this time.

J. Gibson Art Studio said...

It's a good start on the Lab and you're that much further ahead now. Have a great time on your trip and enjoy the sunshine!