Monday, 29 September 2014


Don't really know where that expression comes from, but certainly yesterday every dog we saw on the beach was 'having its day' and much fun was had by all.

I had a hearing test early yesterday in Whitstable and once I'd finished there, persuaded David to join me in a walk along the beach.   Instead of our usual walk from Tankerton Slopes along the beachpath to Whitstable, we headed in the other direction towards Herne Bay which is a more rugged walk and very popular with dogwalkers and cyclists.

The weather was warm and bright and perfect for a Sunday stroll.    Here are a few pics I took along the way

This lad was trying to fish, but his dog kept trying to catch the float ... in the end the boy's mum came and physically removed the dog but till then he was having great fun jumping and somersaulting

His favourite thing ... fetching a ball from the sea

His next favourite thing ... chasing dozing seagulls from the beach

Sparkling white after a dip in the sea

such fun

I think this one was my favourite pooch of the walk ... he didn't care who threw his ball, as long as somebody did ... and David obliged.  Just loved that 'Collie' intense expression in the first pic

Lots of two legged critters enjoying the beach also ...

and the frisbee player

Today's weather has returned to drizzly grey gloomy stuff so I've done a little more on the baby drawing.     A few WIP photos ... it has been slow going because of all the stripes on his top.

Normally I'd finish the face first but I needed to get some background in before adjusting the skintones.    Now I can start working on the features and he will begin to take shape properly 

It took several layers of graphite to build up the depth of colour in the stripes but the fabric needs more attention once I've added all the shadows/creases

He has got beautiful eyelashes but they'll be added at the last minute when I've finished working on the skintone/hair


  1. Hi Sue,
    It's become cooler and drizzly here, as well. God time to paint. I LOVE those dog-at-the-beach photos!!! They really know how to have a great time at the seaside :)

  2. says here where the phrase from, but like everything o the net, take a grain of salt

    love the collie pic :) all the dogs look so happy in the water

    your graphite drawing is looking great :)

  3. We had 3 German Shepherds (sorry Alsatians) who loved the water and would have been really happy on the beach with you, however, our last dog who was a mutt, hated the water. Very odd. They are lovely pix of the dogs having fun, so nice to see. No beaches here to walk along sadly.

  4. Every picture is a happy one and cheered me up on this grey damp morning.

  5. Oh what a glorious doggy day at the beach! Your drawing is coming along just beautifully, Sue!

  6. It made me smile too watching the mutts have so much fun ... simple pleasures! Sea temperature was 18Cdegrees which is about as good as it gets here (19C degrees is the average high in September - about 65F)- a tad cool for me but the dogs (and children) didn't mind.

  7. Fantastic photos of the dogs enjoying themselves and the drawing is coming along well!

  8. How fun for the dogs, children and you and David to live so close to the beach!

    Portrait is coming right along!

  9. Thanks Cathy and Jan.
    Yes, we don't always appreciate what's on our doorstep and certainly this Summer with the flood damage in the house we really haven't done much walking locally so will try to make up for it now - plus there are fewer visitors in the Autumn/Winter :-)


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