Tuesday, 14 January 2014


Shouldn't complain as its nice to have visitors .... but I did lose another couple of hours working time today when a friend popped round.   Seems lots of people want to have a chat with us before we head off to India.  I also had to get involved with the Kitchen man this morning as he wanted us to make choices re. worksurfaces etc.

Luckily, as I'm working in graphite its not so critical when I lose what few hours of daylight we manage to get at the moment, but it does mean I can't get decent progress photos of my drawing.   This was taken with flash which really drained all the detail ... I've tried to manipulate it in PSE but the contrasts are now a bit strong ... never mind, just to prove I have been busy.   

Its taking an age to get the chair this dark - lots of cross hatching and then tiny dots/circles on top in 7B and 8B pencils,  but once that's done I'll be able to go back and adjust the skin/hair tones etc.   Then I'll need some guidance from my client as to whether I'm being unkind or too nice re. 'laughter lines' etc .... One of the problems with working 'close up' from high res photos is that everything is very visible - each line or pimple and I try to err on the side of caution unless advised otherwise!  I've done a bit of work on the hands but they need a lot more work, as does the tie ...

I'm working on bright white Mellotex paper, the dingy grey appearance here is due to photographing it in poor light, using flash.

We're working at Pilgrims Hospice tomorrow so won't be working on this again till Thursday.


Jan said...

It's looking great, Sue and it looks as if progress has been made in spite of your interruptions.

Sue Clinker said...

Thank you Jan

Doubly frustrating that I lost a couple of hours of drawing time (although it was nice to have the visit from a lovely neighbour) and then couldn't get a decent photo.

I'm really enjoying getting back to basics with graphite work ... maybe next step is a 50/50 work with graphite and coloured pencil.

Still have stacks of stones to pain though .... so much to do, so little time (recurring theme)

Jo said...

I love the progress you have made with this picture. Looks like someone I would like to know.

Can't remember, when do you actually leave for India?

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

50/50 work with graphite and coloured pencil works well, but can sometimes be a pain to get a good photo/scan of :/

the portrait looks really nice, happy and full of life

Sue Clinker said...

Thanks Jo, he does have a 'gentle' face I think.

We leave home lunchtime Tuesday. Not flying till late evening but want to be certain of getting to Heathrow in good time. We've booked into ClubClass Lounge at Heathrow so would rather spend time there than in a traffic jam on the motorway!

Sue Clinker said...

Thanks Jennifer
My scanner is only A4 size so I tend to photograph my work but graphite drawings (or coloured work on black backgrounds) always seems difficult to get right