Monday, 13 January 2014


Life is like a roller coaster at the moment.   I'm trying to be more time efficient and organised but life keeps getting in the way ... not always a bad thing but here I am explaining why I haven't yet done what I said I'd do last week!

I have actually finished two cp works and they will be submitted to UKCPS tonight so I can't worry any more about them or tweak them any more.

I've decided on the crop for the gorilla and I've done my final tweaking.  This will now fit a standard 16" x 20" mount/frame so I won't have to have a frame specially made hopefully (assuming the picture makes it past the jury)

and Lulu is my other entry - I won't post another picture of her, I'm sure you're fed up with her by now LOL

I've been working on a graphite portrait which has been commissioned as a birthday present.  Early days yet but I think I'm at a stage where I can send the first update to my client without scaring her too much .... you know how these portraits have to go through what I always call the 'ugly stage' before they begin to take shape.

I have lots of fine detail to add to face/hair yet but I needed to start on the jacket (and perhaps the dark coloured chair) so I can work out the tonal values for his skin and hair - Its been a while since I worked in graphite and I'm enjoying not having to worry about colour, just lights and darks ...

This is a poor photo as I had to use flash tonight.  I'll get a better photo tomorrow morning to send to my client.    This isn't a surprise as the recipient has requested the portrait as a birthday present but I still need to get the OK to show more WIP pics here .... 

I had hoped to be further advanced on the portrait but had to take my Mum to hospital on Saturday.  She is a chronic asthmatic and has COPD.   When we visited her on Saturday she was having problems breathing and was in pain ... her GP doesn't work weekends (most practices in England don't open over the weekends it seems) so we took her to hospital where she was given oxygen, nebuliser treatments, had an ECG and lots of blood tests (including the horrible painful ones from the arteries in the wrists).  Thankfully they improved her breathing and she was allowed to go home loaded up with drugs to be taken over the next week.    That took care of our Saturday.

Yesterday I was planning to work at the drawing board all afternoon but we had a surprise visit from friends which is always nice of course.   Once the wine was opened that was it!!   I never drink and draw

I did manage a few more hours on the picture today and I hope (I won't say plan) to get a lot more done tomorrow.   Plans just go awry so I'll stick to 'hope'.    We do have one of the kitchen fitters visiting for the second time tomorrow to go through some details but I hope that David will deal with him and leave me out of it ....


Jan said...

The gorilla looks good and I'm glad it will fit into a standard mount/frame.
I hope your mum does well on the meds and heals up quickly.
And I know how it goes with plans - something always seems to steal our art time!
Now get back to work! lol

Kendra said...

The gorilla looks great! Lots of work and good detail, I hope you get accepted into the UKCPS. The commission is also looking really good, you have captured his nice smile and dimpled cheeks.

I don't drink and draw either! I like that saying.

Jo said...

I'd have to drink to draw.

Hope the gorilla gets accepted. I too love your portrait, he does have a nice smile.

Best wishes to your mum and hope she recovers speedily.

Sue Clinker said...

Thank you ladies.. I'm at my drawing board nice and early today but the plumber is due any minute and I just know I'll be called away to sort the 'boys' out

Cathy Holtom said...

I know what you mean by getting organised...I do try! Love the gorilla and the portrait is looking really good. I've still a long way to go with my entry.

CrimsonLeaves said...

Both pieces are just amazing, Sue. I wish I could draw/paint like this!

Sue Clinker said...

Hi Cathy.
Seems at 'our age' David and I are 'piggy in the middle' in the family
grouping, looking out for older and younger generation LOL

I had to get some work finished early for UKCPS as we're off to India soon so will be away for the deadline. Had hoped to get one more picture finished in time but looking very doubtful now.

Good luck with yours.

Sue Clinker said...

Hi Sherry.
Thank you Sherry. I've been looking at both entries for so long now I'm fed up with them and was in danger of redoing them - so it was good to submit the entry and now I'll sit back and wait to see if they get accepted.
And, you paint beautifully - we have different styles that's all. Your work seems more illustrative to me and that's something I can't do at all (i'm a detail freak)