Thursday, 9 January 2014


We are planning to have our kitchen overhauled this Summer.  Although we love the location and layout of our house, the builder really skimped on quality in kitchen/bathrooms.  As it was a new build I found it hard to justify replacing the kitchen straight away so have lived with it for a few years - and this year we'll upgrade and remodel slightly to give me more storage and better working areas.    But instead of asking a couple of builders to quote, David contacted half a dozen (??!!) and so we've had guys in and out all week measuring, tutt tutting (as builders do) until I could scream!    We have one more scheduled for Saturday morning and then we can just sit back and wait for the quotes.

For that reason my plans have gone to pot this week - we didn't get to our voluntary jobs yesterday but went today.   Tomorrow I'm home alone all day and will be at the drawing board for much of it as I really must get the coloured pencil pieces photographed in good light and submitted to the UKCPS jury.

I will then start on my next commission which is a human .... I'm getting more subjects of the two legged variety than four legged just now it seems ..

But I digress .... Boys will be Boys indeed.

Last night I received an email with the header  'Just had to know whether this is David'?   and the sender was a guy I've had no contact with for 10+years when he set up and managed my first website for me.   My first thought was that his address book had been hacked but I opened the email to find this photo

Not a flattering picture - quite scary in fact, but it is David!!

So I replied to the sender (R) and asked where/when the photo was taken - looks as though its through a shop window doesn't it?

His response was:

I think this calls for a guessing game......

You got three attempts. Is the old boy still ok?

How frustrating!    We know that David reverted to wearing these 'old' glasses just last week and obviously he's wearing outdoor clothing.   We guessed maybe it was when we were in France on Tuesday afternoon as the hypermarkets tend to have these industrial type ceilings ... but NO it wasn't France

The reality was actually quite spooky.

After visiting our Mums last weekend we shopped in a Sainsbury store not far from where they live. 
As usual, David wandered off and I spent half my time looking for him ...
Unbeknownst to me, he'd visited the electronic section and had been fiddling around with the iPads/computer tablets wondering how they worked (we're such dinosaurs).   He managed to take a 'Selfie' apparently.

Later that day our 'friend' visited the same store and being a techie, interested in what the latest gadgets are like in Sainsbury's, was idly checking the selfies that several people had managed to take and came across David's one.  He photographed it on his mobile phone and the rest is history.

So who is the sadder of the two I wonder?     David for inadvertently taking the selfie, or (R) for spending time reviewing the images other sad folk have made?

Think there's a moral there somewhere ... please be very careful when playing with the computers in large stores as you never know what/who is watching you and its a very small world!

OK ... too tired to think straight tonight so time to go.      I will have some arty bits to show soon


Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

i never touch computers or gadgets at stores, they are usually really dirty and sticky :/

Jane said...

That was quite a weird story , you are right, better be careful checking out technological stuff in the stores. Wish you luck with the new kitchen.

Jan said...

That's too funny about David! I have to agree that people really ought to be careful what they do anywhere anymore!

Lucky you getting to update your kitchen! Now that we've lived with ours for a few years, I'm finding things I'd change but unfortunately, my OH isn't on the same page. Of course, he hates change and upheaval and would do most anything to avoid it!

Can't wait to see the updated photos for the UKCPS entries.

Sue Clinker said...

Hi Jennifer
Clearly you're not a 'bloke'
men and dogs don't worry about whether things are 'dirty or sticky' I think??? LOL

Thank you Jane
I'm looking forward to getting the kitchen I want ... but not the mess and disruption in between.

Sue Clinker said...

Hi Jan

It was funny ... but scary to think that this happened at a store 50 miles from where we live .... and the email was from someone I/we hadn't been in contact with for so long .....

Jo said...

Amazing how such things happen, what were the odds?

Wish I could have a remodelled kitchen. Lucky you.

Sue Clinker said...

Thanks Jo. Our previous house had a huge kitchen and a single garage had been converted to a utility room complete with floor/wall units, several fridges/freezers etc so I was spoilt.
This house has a very small kitchen and no utility room so I struggle to keep it tidy. I plan to replace all wall units with ones that go right up to the ceiling to give me one extra shelf in each. By juggling things round a bit I can get two extra storage cupboards and about 3ft extra worktop area. It will make such a difference.

CrimsonLeaves said...

Hah! I love the selfie, really. I don't take them but enjoy when others do.

Sue Clinker said...

Well the funny thing is that David didn't know he'd taken it!

Studio at the Farm said...

That was a funny story! Believe it or not, I love to get lost browsing in hardware stores. :)
Thank you, Sue, for your comment on the parrot tulips. It was a lot of work - so is your pencil work, I'm sure even more so!!!
I look forward to seeing your paintings posted soon!!!
Kathryn xx

Polly Birchall said...

I was really imagining the goings on in the store. Bit worrying at first though. Have a great weekend and hope you get some drawing done.

Sue Clinker said...

Thank you Kathryn and Polly. The coloured pencils pieces are finished (at least I've put them away now so I don't overwork them).
I made a start on a commissioned graphite portrait this afternoon so should have something to show after the weekend if I get permission from my client to show progress pics on my Blog.