Saturday, 11 May 2013


We've been trying to catch up on last minute jobs before flying to Fuerte on Monday.

Managed to get the downstairs area cleaned, polished, floors washed etc and got the final lot of laundry done.  The weather has been just horrible today but I managed to get some semi-decent photos of the coloured pencil works I finished recently (all quick, small drawings) and they were submitted to UKCPS  by email today - just waiting for confirmation the entry form and photos were safely received then fingers crossed I'll get one (or more) past the Jury.

Lovely weather!!

We had a lovely surprise last night - the first hedgehog visitor to the garden this year.  It has been such a long hard winter I know that many didn't make it out of hibernation.   In fact, newspapers and wildlife sites have been full of doom and gloom this week - probably because its been national hedgehog week (5 to 11th May).

In the 1950s the hedgehog population in England was estimated at  36 million.  By the mid 90s this had dropped to 2 million and its now estimated that there are fewer than a million throughout the UK.   Sad news as they're such funny lovable little creatures, and great for the garden as they eat slugs, snails and beetles etc.

But, we had one on the patio last night.  I opened the patio doors which ensured that he 'froze' - a reflex reaction when they are frightened - and sprinkled lots of dried cat biscuits around him so he spent a happy 20 mintues chomping away.    Hopefully he'll find a few friends soon and bring them back for a meal.

Not such a welcome visitor was a heavily pregnant squirrel ... we've got enough of these 'tree rats' in the area already.   But David took pity on her and stopped me chasing her off the feeders :-)

and a bit 'soggy' after all the rain

Anyway, I made a very gentle start on the double cat portrait which will be my first portrait when back after the holiday.   Just a basic outline to show where most of the markings are and ensure I've got the proportions correct.

This was taken with flash camera tonight so colours are way off but its pastel on light grey pastelmat.

Time to relax for a couple of hours now

Hope your weekends are going well and that the weather is better in your part of the world than in mine


Jo said...

We've had lot of rain in the last 24 hours too.

Hope you do well with your entries. How soon will you know.

Jan/ said...

So glad you had a hedgehog visit and I hope there will be lots more now that they know the "Clinker Cafe" is open and serving free meals!

Is that squirrel pregnant or recently given birth? I would not be as kind as David and would chase her off in heartbeat, pregnant or not!

Kitties are looking grand so far. I know they'll be wonderful when finished.

Unfortunately, stormy here also but not totally unwelcome. Supposed to clear up tomorrow.

Sue Clinker said...

Hi Jo
Won't know till the end of June ... not holding my breath this year, but I've submitted work every year since joining the Society so it was important to keep up the momentum

Sue Clinker said...

Not sure about the squirrel since you mention it Jan, but she does still have a huge bump ...
weather still grim here but we're just off to the airport now so should see some late afternoon sunshine when we get to Fuerteventura.

Last time we were away our house-sitters got some good weather here in Whitstable so fingers crossed for them this time :-)

Pet Portrait Artists said...

Your rain looks like ours in Wales : D where's the spring gone Sue??! Great to see your garden, it looks lovely : ) M xx

Pet Portrait Artists said...

Your rain looks like ours in Wales : D where's the spring gone Sue??! Great to see your garden, it looks lovely : ) M xx

Sue Clinker said...

Hi Mel
So changeable just now isn't it? Flaming sunshine for the Bank Holiday weekend then gale force winds and rain last week. Still, gives the Brits lots to talk about.

I'm back on Fuerteventura now and apart from a couple of fluffy white clouds the sky is bright blue and its 24deg in the shade so very pleasant. The pool water temperature is up to 28degrees today!

Pet Portrait Artists said...

Your temperatures sound heavenly! It's still raining here, nicks about to light the wood burner and I will have a blanket on my knees, roll on summer! Hope you have a lovely hols : )