Tuesday, 12 February 2013

12/02: SQUIRREL 1 SUE 1

Well, the squirrels still haven't figured out how to spring the Bulldog clip I used to secure the peanut feeder (my post 2 days ago) but this little blighter decided to take his revenge by digging out my patio pots today:

Look at the smirk on his face ....

to say nothing of the mud on his nose and paws

but I'm still claiming the moral victory as they haven't been able to get to the peanuts and fatballs come a poor second best ..... especially when you have to work this hard to get them

and as for the arty stuff ...... another update on the family group portrait: 

I'm using mostly Polychromos (Faber-Castell) and Royal Talens Van Gogh pencils.   The Van Gogh pencils are rated very highly on the colour fastness charts but aren't easy to get hold of in the UK.   I only have a limited collection so have had to use a few Prismacolors as well as the Polychromos


  1. Good job on foiling the squirrels! The portrait is looking really good too. I had looked for the Van Gogh pencils here in the US and couldn't find them. As I understand it, they're only plentiful in the Netherlands. You should have better success getting them than us though. I've heard they're very good cps so worth the effort!

  2. The squirrels may have buried stuff in your pots, they used to in ours.

    Portrait is coming along well. Can't remember how many people all together?

  3. LOL sorry I can't help chuckling and yup, he's sure got a smirk AND a dirty nose LOL!
    Good for you for being one up or at least even with them :)
    Your skin tones are absolutely gorgeous on this portrait!


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