Monday, 5 March 2012


Wind from the North, do not venture forth !!   and what good advice that is.  We are having horrible gusty, wet weather here in Kent but at least the seagulls are having fun (playtime for them, battling against the wind)

Spare a thought for our friend Debbie from Ellie's dairy.  With around 120 kids due imminently (some arrived in the last few days) she is spending her nights sleeping in a caravan alongside the barn in order to be close to her 'Mummy' goats when they need her.  How about that for dedication.  and she gets up at the crack of dawn to feed them, milk them, make cheese, sell milk and goats cheese at Farmers markets etc .... puts us to shame.  Here's a link to her Blog if you'd like to take a peek at some of the new arrivals
Ellie's Dairy

Although I stayed indoors keeping warm and dry, I was also busy yesterday and here's an update on the new pictures for the exhibition which starts Wednesday (hanging tomorrow evening)

I recently bought several frames and mounts from Hobbycraft who were selling off stock because they plan to reduce their framing section.   There were no packs of glass/backing boards available for these so a trip to the glazier is required today.   Colours were restricted to silver and black - hence my latest works have been produced specifically to fit these frames.

Cat ... in pastels on black Canford card with double mount - black and silver, in silver frame.     I struggled with this as I've got used to using pastels on heavier textured/sanded papers and found the Canford too smooth for my liking.  However the 'black' sanded papers I have at home are really dark grey rather than black hence my decision.

and, because the zebra pastels have proved popular (and sold) at previous exhibitions I'm unashamedly producing a couple more.  Here's the first - the second will be finished later today.

Pastel on black (dark Grey) sanded paper.  Black frame with silver trim and Black/white mount.

and a close up:

and here are a couple of pictures now that the black tabby (Dyson) and the collie are framed:

I found the missing trim so didn't have to cannibalise one of the other frames for the collie's picture


Bev said...

Love those frames Sue...a good buy. I like the Zebra, very are certainly productive, don't know how you do it!

What is the dark grey sanded paper you are using?


Jan/ said...

Those are all great looking frames, Sue. I think you "done good" buying them. And all the paintings look good in them. Good luck with the exhibition - hope the weather improves so it doesn't keep away any potential buyers!

sue said...

Hi Bev
I think its Sennelier Pastel Card in Graphite Black. I bought a sheet of a generic sanded paper at the same time and I'm not sure which is which as I'd removed the packaging (I think they both came from Jacksons last year)

Colette Theriault said...

OOOOOoooo, more goodies!! Thanks for sharing, I love them all!!
Gosh, you've been busy!!