Monday, 5 March 2012


Well I think I've earned my stripes over the last couple of days .... I find working on the zebra markings quite relaxing - easier than spots on leopards certainly!

This is the final zebra (well for this exhibition anyway) ... Its cropped down from a larger group picture I took at Fuerteventura Zoo where 3 members of a family group obligingly posed for lots of photos - actually I think they'd fallen into the Canarian way of life and it was all kind of manana and 'chill out' so they couldn't be bothered to move away from the camera.    Their dark stripes were much 'browner' than I wanted so I've used a bit of artistic licence as I wanted to keep to a black & white theme :-)  

and Yes, its another of the square Hobbycraft frames .... silver with black mount.     David (bless him) braved the squally weather conditions and went to the glaziers for me.  They cut glass to fit 8 frames (and were kind enough to cut two of them in non-reflective glass for the same price as ordinary glass as they had some pieces spare).  I like non-reflective glass, although it does slightly dull the colours but to my mind thats compensated for by the lack of distracting reflections.    Sadly non-reflective glass is not allowed in some exhibitions/galleries.

and a close up

Now down to the nitty gritty - final framing and sorting out of all the photoprints etc .... then very 'scientifically' we lay out all the potential exhibits on the floor to work out a hanging plan, sketch the final selection very roughly onto a worksheet so (in theory) when we get to the gallery tomorrow evening we know exactly what we're doing .... Yeah Right !!  


Colette Theriault said...

Supper gorgeous Sue!! Love the fine detail in the fur and the eye. What size is this?

sue said...

Thanks Colette

This was done to fit a square mount with 10" x 10" aperture - so not too big but these mounts are 3" wide all round which makes a decent sized picture when framed.

Kyla Hynes said...


Kyla Hynes said...


hmuxo said...

INCREDIBLE piece!! So beautiful. Congratulations Sue!!

Doreen Cross said...

That's a WOW factor. Great piece Sue. Love it. and love the frame but then I am a great lover of square frames.
Oh I missed commenting on the cats ...They are so lovely.
The Collie is fantastic.
I am slowly catching up on blogs.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous Sue! That one is sure to sell. Have fun with the hanging - never my favorite task!

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

you did such a great job with the zebra's hide :D great texture!

sue said...

Many thanks for your kind comments ... lets hope the 'public' like the picture enough to put hands in pockets!!