Wednesday, 12 January 2011


All I had to do today was email the latest portrait to my client for approval, the usual meal preparations and then sort through my collection of picture frames and parcel up all those with scuff marks/dents etc to take to the charity shop.  I'm trying to free up space in my studio.


BUT we lost internet connection this morning ... I initially blamed TalkTalk as the internet has been crashing regularly over the last week but I think we are getting power surges in the area.   Talking to another artist who lives locally, she reported that her home had been without electricity for several hours during the weekend - our lights keep flickering but so far no loss of electricity.

When the internet connection returned I was very pleased to find several 'good news' emails.

Firstly, the portrait has been approved by my client and he will present it to his girlfriend on her birthday in February.  I won't mention the dog's name ..just in case it shows up in a Google search (stranger things have happened)!   The portrait was completed in Pastel on white Pastelmat paper.

Then I had a lovely email from the man who bought my Zebra picture yesterday.   He was sorry not to have met me in person but the picture is now hanging in the hallway of his Surrey house (he also said he lives mostly in the South of France amongst vineyards and sunflowers - lucky man)!!  I was really 'chuffed' to get his message - nice to know the zebra has gone to an appreciative home :o)

Additionally, I've been getting positive reactions from various art materials distributors in response to my appeal for sponsorship for the big UKCPS Event which will be staged in London this year.   So, many thanks to Colorfin (Pan Pastels), ExaClair Limited (Pastelmat) and Jackson's Art Supplies (gift vouchers) ... its good to know that they are prepared to help in this tough economic climate!!

Check out the UKCPS website for full details of the 'Celebration of Creative Art' event, Westminster, London.   I hope lots of my blogger friends will want to put in entries to one or both of the exhibitions this year.

Anyway .......... to explain the Blog Post Title .... After all the faffing around I really couldn't face sorting through the frames in my studio.  So I decided to have a blitz on my wardrobe instead and get rid of everything not worn in the last 18 months.  I filled two black sacks with clothes for the Charity Shop but now have a pile of 'not sure' outfits that I'll decide on tomorrow - I wasn't quite as ruthless as planned.

So the house looks like a Primark shop on a bad day (UK blogger friends will know just what I mean by that - clothes all over the floor and every other available surface) :o)  

Must do better tomorrow :o)


Anonymous said...

Lol I so understand what you are saying as I am just doing the same thing ! Great news on the sales and glad it went well for your latest work reckon they will be very pleased with that.

"JeanneG" said...

Great job on the puppy. So cute and lovable.

sue said...

Thanks Vic ... I didn't make any New Year Resolutions ... but if I had clearing my wardrobe and my studio would have featured (so I'm sticking to resolutions I didn't actually make)!!

Thanks Jeanne ... Hope her owner likes her Birthday gift

Jennifer Rose said...

so you have a few neds wandering around your house like our local Primark? ;)

sue said...

Yep!! I've NEVER been to a Primark in Kent or S E London where there's more stock on hangers than on the floor! Weird concept ... but the stores are always packed as they're cheap (if not cheerful)

Jan said...

Awww, beautiful job on the puppy - the girlfriend is going to be in tears and the boyfriend is in like Flynn for the rest of his life!

I didn't make any resolutions to organize either but have slowly been trying to do it. Congratulations on getting as far as you got - when you're finished at your house, come on over & do mine!

sue said...

Maybe I will when you've got rid of your snow Jan ... :o)

Jan said...

It's gone, it's gone! We only have a bit of ice left but not on the roads. And the weekend is supposed to be in the 50's! And that's a real heat wave compared to what we've had!

sue said...

Aw shucks ... I've run out of time!!
Good to hear that you've got better weather coming Jan ... I'm looking forward to seeing sunshine again when we got to Fuerteventura on Wednesday.

Yet again its pouring with rain here - very gloomy!

Dors said...

Beautifil job on the puppy. Love it.

A good clean out does the heart good, and makes room for more to come of the same. LOL. us girls just have to have.
It was nice that the new owner of the Zebra painting got in touch with you.

Teresa said...

Hi Sue,

Hope you had a good Christmas.

What a fabulous portrait this is! He looks like he could just walk right out of the frame. Great job!

Kendra said...

The puppy portrait is gorgeous! So lifelike!

Keith said...

Bit late commenting on this, but just wanted to say how much I admire the liquid doggyness you have achieved in his eyes.