Tuesday, 4 January 2011


This Exhibition featuring works of 17 local artists runs for 1 week from tomorrow (5th) and we planned to hang all the pictures/display the crafts this evening at 6.30pm.  

Then we received news that the Gallery was closing early tonight and we had to rush to get everything organised this afternoon .... quite an undertaking but we succeeded.  

I wasn't sure which pictures to display - I was expecting to have 7ft width of wall space to use so I wanted to maximise the pieces on display.  It helps to lay the pictures out on the floor at home first:

and just in case ..... take a few 'spares' along for the ride :o)

In the event my wall space was a corner one so I got 6 foot width on one wall and approx 3ft on the adjoining bit next to the Gallery door - 9ft to play with!!!    I hung more pictures than anticipated and may still have space for a large picture in the Main Gallery window tomorrow morning.

These are the works from some of the other artists - not everybody had hung/displayed their work at this point so there are still some gaps ... but there is a huge variety on offer from handmade silver jewellery, to glass ornaments and felted gifts - lets hope we attract lots of visitors who still have some pennies left after Christmas :o)

I love these glass fishes and birds ..... they catch the light beautifully


Jan said...

Looks GREAT! And the work of your gallery mates is good too. To me, that makes for a quality exhibition that will attract a lot of people.

However, your work is wonderful and I know you're gonna make some sales here!

Lene said...

I am sure your corner will be busy with viewers - looks great :)

Jennifer Rose said...

love the zebra :) all of your work looks great in the corner like that

sue said...

Thank you :o)

I think the corner spot is a good one for me. Some of the pictures are hung using mirror plates which hold them steady. The pictures hung on traditional string kept moving each time the doors opened (breeze) so I've anchored the bottom corners to the wall with BluTack (wonderful stuff).

Chrissy said...

It all looks wonderful. How exciting! I always think it is good to have a mix of different styles and subjects, all in all it just adds to the interest. I see you have already been selling too, so congratulations, it is well deserved :D

sue said...

Thanks Chrissy.

This Group (Made in Whitstable) is entirely internet based. A lovely lady called Minna set it up as a meeting place for anybody 'arty' in Whitstable ... and its grown from there.

By hiring this very large Gallery and sharing the cost between 17 - 20 artists we each contribute about £20 for the week and take our turn on a rota basis manning the place for a few hours. With no commission to pay it works out very nicely!