Tuesday, 11 January 2011


Today was the final day of the week long Showcase 3 exhibition - featuring the work of 17 local Whitstable artists at the Horsebridge Gallery, Whitstable (including me)!

I'm very happy that 4 of my pictures sold during the exhibition, most of my Business Cards were taken and I received a couple of very lovely comments in the Visitors  Book.   So it was definitely worth doing and I'm just sorry that nothing more is planned for the Group till 2012 as all local Gallery space is fully booked  for 12 months. Whitstable has a reputation for being a very 'arty' town and we certainly have a huge number of galleries and craft shops in the area.

One of the comments in the Visitors Book referred to our Exhibition as being a great showcase for 'Bubble Artists'.      Coming from the borders of Kent and S. East London as I do, I couldn't work out what this meant ... in rhyming Cockney slang a 'Bubble' is a Greek Person (Bubble & Squeak - Greek)!!     Then I remembered the old TV adverts for Aero chocolate ... does anyone else remember the ads - an actress (possibly Stacy Dorning) travelling on the train and talking about going  to 'Dunstabubble or was it Whitstabubble'??  I guess thats why the author called us Bubble Artists - We all live in Whitstabubble!

As well as two cat pastels and Snow Drop (White GSD) my Zebra picture sold.     This brought it home to me that the best judge of what I should put into a Gallery Exhibition  is David.

Everything he dislikes or tells me shouldn't be exhibited SELLS!!    What a brilliant foolproof method I now have of gauging public taste in Whitstable!

He didn't like the Zebra and I didn't bother taking photos of the final work ... so here it is before I put the finishing touches to it.   and now it has a new appreciative owner :o)

Its a dreadful photo but I'm posting it anyway as I know David will be looking in later and I just felt like making a point!   Bless!

On the strength of my sales in the exhibition he treated me (and him)  to a lovely meal out tonight :o)  


Jennifer Rose said...

congrats on the sales :D lol at your new way to pick art to put into a gallery, sounds perfect :)

sue said...

Yep ... found a use for him at last!!!

Seriously, he's proved brilliant at mis-predicting what will sell so I'll make use of that talent in future :0)

Kendra said...

Congrats on the show and the sales. The zebra is wonderful frame included, so contemporary. I can't imagine someone not wanting to buy it. You've got quite an art critic!

Dors said...

Congratulations Sue. well deserved. and I just love the Whitstabubble. LOL. Hope you enjoyed you meal with David.
Hope he included Champagne.

Well done Sue. so proud of you my friend.

I love the Zebra and would hang it on my wall for sure. (Sorry David)

Fay Akers said...

It's good to hear work is selling. Here my work gets in gallery shows and then comes home with me. No one is buying.
Keep up the good work

Jan said...

Way to go, Sue! It always thrills me when an artist sells, but it's especially thrilling when it's someone I "know"! Well done, my friend!

I won't comment on the zebra except to say that it's one of my most favorites of yours - David has probably gotten the message by now! At least he was big enough to take you out to celebrate - good move, David!


sue said...

Thank you very much ladies ... I'm still smiling this morning! :o)

I'm having a tidy-up day in the studio whilst awaiting approval for the current commission. Lots of unused frames are destined for the charity shop as I don't have storage space now and many have got minor scuff marks/damage so I can't use them for exhibitions

I'm at the stage where the place is messier now than when I started .. but I hope to be back in control soon!

"JeanneG" said...

congratulations Sue. Nice to have sales.

sue said...

Thank you Jeanne ... yes, its great to find that people can still afford to buy art in the 'downturn'