Thursday, 10 October 2019

10/10: JUST A QUICKIE - Coloured Pencils on Mount Board

We flew home from Fuerteventura on Tuesday so spent yesterday feeling cold and miserable (as you do after a fabulous trip)

Anyway, I saw a lovely drawing on one of the FB artist pages done on 'toned' paper.    So I thought about buying some to try but talked myself out of it again as I can't really justify buying more paper till I've run down existing stocks.

I know I have lots of Pastelmat in greys and white but the current batch of paper seems to be quite scratchy and I'm not enjoying using coloured pencils on it so much.

Then I found an offcut of mountboard ... I've never used it to draw on before so this was an experiment and I found it lovely to work on.    Its slightly larger than A4 so a bit smaller than most of the works I do but this went so quickly.    I started yesterday, late afternoon, and finished this afternoon although I will probably need to do a few little tweaks at some stage.

I used an assortment of pencils, Derwent Coloursoft and Artists, Prismacolors, Polychromos and Van Goghs to see how they worked on this surface and I was pleased with them all.    So next time I'm near a shop that sells it I'll be buying a large sheet of mountbooard to cut down and use - cheaper than buying pads of new paper which I may or may not get on with.

This is the end result of my experiment (as yet it has no title).   It was photographed in gloomy conditions so the colour isn't quite true - if I do start tweaking it I'll photograph it again.


  1. Absolutely beautiful, Sue. Gorgeous skin tones and love the color of her outfit. Nice work as always!!!!

  2. This lovely Sue, I admire your ability to do human portraits, they terrify me! I have used mountboard for many years, not so much recently but in the past I liked to work on coloured board, and you can choose almost any colour you like as there is such a large range. Bad luck coming home to this awful weather, you must be in shock :-))

  3. Thank you Hilda and Bev ... its probably the fastest cp work I've done so far but I'm very happy with the mountboard and its got me out of the artistic void I was expecting to face after 6 weeks away from the drawing board!

    We're off to India again very soon so I'll be looking for inspirational models

    I prefer 'wrinklies' when drawing human portraits but I do struggle with hair ...

    Sue x


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