Tuesday, 21 August 2018

21/08: A few 'arty' bits

As well as spending days looking for and reworking old family photos, I have done a few arty things

I have a couple of older works on exhibition at a local vineyard.   The owners have decorated an old barn  on their land and painted the walls white in order to display pictures as an additional attraction to visitors.   They only open to the public on Saturdays but the display will be hung there for 6 weeks.    Its a first for them, and for the Canterbury Art Society who organised everything.   Worth a punt I think!

I've submitted 'Senor Molina' and Lulu which are both older works so I won't post them here (again).

Friday evening is the Private View so we'll pop over and take a look.   The vineyard is about 30 minutes drive from us.

I'm also going to have a couple of pictures on display at the Bank Holiday Mini Exhibition staged by the Canterbury Art Society at Blean Village Hall this coming holiday weekend.   Over the last few years I've been fortunate enough to have sales at this little show so am hoping for a repeat this year.     I'm submitting the portrait of the Indian Girl from Olivipe (India).

She was completed in coloured pencil on pastelmat - the picture looks a bit darker here than in real life.

and the 'black on black' labrador in coloured pencil that I was 'playing' with earlier this Summer.   In the end I decided to put more of a background in as the dog just didn't stand out as much as I'd hoped.

I had a big tidy up in my 'studio' in the week and got rid of lots of older works - in some cases I was able to salvage the frames and this is one of them which I think complements the dog nicely.

I've done a few minor tweaks on the portrait of Thierry (man from Sunset Loung beach bar in Corralejo) but have put him to one side for the moment as I've got a bit bored with him.    I know if I leave the portrait alone for a while I'll come back to it with fresh eyes and more enthusiasm.    This is how he has been left:

and for the last couple of afternoons I've been working on something totally different.   I've gone back to pastels on sandpaper (sore fingertip alert) and am tackling a lion that I photographed in Kenya in June.     Its quite refreshing to be working on wildlife again so this has rekindled my enthusiasm a little.

Photos in the next update!


  1. Thierry looks like a really happy guy:)

  2. I love the three paintings Sue! I can't stop looking at this little Indian girl. She's beautifully painted... The Labrador is amazing...perfect background. I look forward to seeing the lion.. I cannot imagine how exciting it would be to photograph the King of the jungle and then to paint him!!!! Enjoy the rest of the week, my friend!!!

  3. Just looking at the sidebar showing all your awards. You have been busy. I think the Indian girl is so attractive. Hope you have sales success at the winery, sounds like a fun thing to do.

    Thought of you the other day when they were talking about the Thanet Earth greenhouses on the Isle of Thanet. Haven't heard that name in years, took me back.

  4. Thank you ladies.

    I struggled with the little Indian girl ... but eventually I came to like her and now she is probably one of my favourites from recent works.

    The lab was an experiment ... you may have seen on earlier blogs it started off as a 'black on black' experiment but didn't really work out as planned so it got adapted along the way - always nice to be able to do that when its not a commissioned piece. So the end result is quite different to the vision I had when I started!

    Thierry just appealed to me. Not classically handsome but a terrific dancer and a very interesting 'mobile' face. David and I were with my brother in Fuerte watching Felicity, a very talented saxaphonist, at a local beach bar. Thierry came along with his boyfriend (lots of Gays on Fuerte) and started dancing with Felicity and they were having such fun. I have one photo of him and decided to portray him in coloured pencil. Yet again, he's unfinished ....


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