Friday, 30 March 2018

30/03: Indian Man in Pink Turban. Finished (for now)

I've lost my motivation on this one and plan to start doing something different to rekindle my enthusiasm.  

However, the rain hasn't stopped all day and the light is very poor so I decided not to start anything new today, and to just add another layer or two of colour to his skin, add more 'fluff/bobbles' to the woollen wrap and finish his white shirt.    

Thanks to my Staedtler Lumocolour pencil I was able to add more white whiskers and brighten his beard a little.    Although these pencils work on many surfaces and allow you to add white onto darker coloured pencil shades, they are very greasy/creamy and don't sharpen to a fine point so I try not to use them too often.

I'm finished with him for now.     I hope to get a little stock of 'nearly finished' work like this so I can come back to them with fresh eyes, do whatever tweaking I think is necessary, and submit them for shows/exhibitions over the next 12 months.   One down, half a dozen to go!

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