Friday, 23 March 2018

23/03: Indian Man with Pink Turban ... A little more progress

and it is just 'a little more progress'.   I have a horribly sore throat today which is affecting my ears also.   Feeling  'yucky' and not in the mood for drawing.

I have picked this up, put it down and generally 'flitted' around a bit ... I got bored with the turban so decided to start on his colourful scarf/blanket - its a great way to use up some of my brighter coloured pencils that don't normally get used.

So, not much to show but I've found before that it isn't sensible to draw at times like this as that's when disasters can strike ..


  1. Well done, Sue, in spite of not feeling well. I think this will be your best Indian man to date!

  2. Didn't realise you were blogging again. Yes, he will certainly be marvellous. I do hope you will start feeling better soon. Not good to work when you are ill, you don't feel like it and it begins to show in the work.


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