Saturday, 15 April 2017

Seagull Sales

The weather was quite nice yesterday so David and I walked into Whitstable town - David's not a great one for walking but I bribed him with the promise of a bag of chips to eat on the beach!

Being Good Friday/Bank Holiday the town was crammed full of visitors - great for the local community but the queue at our favourite 'chippy' was a mile long (OK not quite a mile, but offputting to us).    We settled for chips from a different provider and they still tasted good eaten out of paper whilst sitting on a beach groyne!

We popped into the Horsebridge Gallery and sadly it wasn't very busy but I was chuffed to find 2 red dots on my wall ... two of the seagull pictures have been sold.   I think because the weather was nice most visitors were on the beach rather than indoors.

We are stewarding at the Gallery tomorrow afternoon so I'm keeping fingers crossed for good footfall and perhaps another red dot or two ... the forecast is for light showers in the afternoon so that might encourage visitors to head indoors and the Gallery does have a lovely cafeteria on the second floor!

these are the two with red dots  ... two down, six to go


Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

congrats on the sales and hopefully you are able to have a few more sold :)

Jo said...

Delighted you sold a couple Sue. Was not sure you would in a seaside town.

Haven't had chips that way in years. Used to have fish and chips on the Isle of Sheppey where there was a really good fish and chipper - we used to moor off and go ashore to the pub then on to the chippy. Loong time ago.That was in the days of the newspapers. Now they think that is unhygienic.

Sue Clinker said...

Thanks Jennifer.

Thanks Jo. Strangely, seaside themed items do seem to do well in Whitstable - lighthouses, 'fat ladies' in old fashioned swimsuits etc., its almost a nostalgic thing when visitors took home souvenirs of the towns they'd visited. I didn't go as far as printing 'souvenir from Whitstable' on these though :-)

Jan said...

I wondered which of the paintings would sell first - the 'calm' paintings or the ones of 'gulls being gulls'! All are fab though and hope all will be sold!

hmuxo said...

These two are wonder they sold...Congratulations Sue!!!! It looks like you found the perfect place to display your amazing work!!! The doctors took my sling off so now I've been going for serious therapy! Lol. Hopefully in time I'll be able to move my arm more than now...and maybe paint soon.??!! By the way, have you ever considered selling prints of your paintings? Just saying...